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Mac Aroni
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Re: Disabled mortgage assistance

Post by Mac Aroni » Sun May 07, 2017 12:14 pm

I got hurt again on the Temp Job. I use to be a Phone System Tech but was forced from my job. I worked their over 18-years then I took a temp job doing plastic molding. This was my final job. I got hurt & disabled on June 2015.
I was told by my doctors I can NO Longer work so finally I apply for social security disability. During the process my house went under foreclosure July-27, 2015 later on got my social security on October-20, 2015. I beg SLS Mortgage Company to wait so I did all paper work & it seems they would wait. But after 60-days I get a letter saying foreclosure is going ahead.
I talked to them. They sent me more forms. I sent them back saying would wait then I get a foreclosure on my front door. It sold on July, 2015.
I talk to DHS and the lady said applied on line for help on my house & other parts like my medical & food stamps so I get a phone call & letter telling me what I got. So I got my medical & food stamps & I return her call back.
She said I going to make an example on your house and not help you at that time. I need to get my house caught up. It was about $4,300.00 dollars so I would not have went to foreclosure.
I told her that is not fair then hung up.
I called back to speak to a supervisor but never got in touch. Later on my house went to foreclosure. I fought hard for this house. I put my life saving in this house & so did my mother that died helping me to get this house as will we both love this place.
I am losing my house. I called other people on help; one from state of Michigan told me it is too late to save my house & you going to have to move.
I said I am disabled. I cannot pickup heavy stuff no more. So I said do you know anybody could help me move and she said yes & a plan on my next house in 3-years after foreclosure so I signed several forms. I pray someone can help me save my house Please. God Bless You & Family & Friends if you do or do not contact me back.

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Re: Disabled mortgage assistance

Post by Sarisk » Mon Mar 19, 2018 8:58 pm

I collect Social Security Disability. My husband just filed for Social Security Disability due to many medical problems. Until he is granted benefits, we have multiple bills that I am having problems paying. I do get EBT and Utility help form the state for Maryland, but that is just not enough. If you could help us with any kind of financial help it will be very much appreciated, or lead me in the right direction. At this point I will not be able to pay our mortgage for the month of October, due to paying other bills.

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