Just moved to Grafton WI and need help

The main NHPB site has more information on local rent assistance programs.
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Aaron Martinez
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Just moved to Grafton WI and need help

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I wanted to reach out to you and inquire as to any availability for rental assistance. We moved to Grafton WI in January from Fond Du Lac due to my wife taking a job with the hospital in Mequon and 3 weeks after making the move here she was laid off and we have been behind in rent and trying to catch up ever since then. We do not know anyone here and we really do not have any family other than our 5 kids due to the way our other family members live their life and choosing to not have that around our children. It is just myself, my wife and our children with honest to God no support or help from anyone.
I do not want to give you my whole life story and I do not want anyone to feel sorry for me, I am just trying to get help. We lost our 4 month old son 3 years ago and had another baby after that but my wife struggles with severe depression and PTSD from that and has had a hard time finding work after moving down here for a job and then getting laid off. We were on badger care and Foodshare due to our income as only one of us could work because of the lack of childcare , however my wife gets unemployment and I have a job working for TMS in Saukville now, which means they cut off the $1200.00/month we got in Foodshare as of last week. We only have 1 vehicle as of now so it is almost impossible for us to both work until we figure out transportation as well.
I work really hard to support my family here in Grafton Wisconsin but there are only so many jobs available and I only make $20/hour which does not go far with 4 kids at home. Our rent is $1900.00/month and now that we do not receive Foodshare anymore we have to buy our own groceries each week which is about $300/week. I only bring home $1100.00 every 2 weeks and my wife's unemployment is not much so when you add in electric, gas, clothes, cell phone bill, water bill, etc. we have come to the realization we have to look for a new place to live because we cannot financially stay there. We were waiting to receive our Foodshare money this month when we received the letter stating we do not qualify and now we are in a situation where we barely have any food for our family and are behind on our rent from this month still and the 1st of the month is only a week away.
I do not know if there are churches in the area of Grafton that help or if there are programs that help but I am just writing to seek help or information. I am not one to sit around and not work and I work hard, I work 5 (12) hour days in a row as I am on a 5 on 5 off schedule. I try my best to support my family but the money I make only goes so far and until my wife finds a job there is nothing we can do at the moment. We are unable to find childcare as everyone has a waiting list if at least 3 months so it is not like we are not trying. We just don’t know where to turn.
If you can give me any information on where to go for help or how to receive help I would greatly appreciate it. I do concrete work on the side apart from my full time job but until it is warm out I ca not do that, however I do plan on doing that once the weather cooperates so we do not end up in this situation again.
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