Inherited a home with a reverse mortgage and need options

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Aaron Martinez
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Inherited a home with a reverse mortgage and need options

Post by Aaron Martinez »

Hello ,
I am hoping that you might be able to help me withh my situation.
I am currently dealing with a reverse morgage default that I was completely unaware, it even existed.
On May 10, 2019 my grandmother passed away. Her son (who was POA) did a quit claim deed as well as a preliminary change of ownership stating it would put the property title in my name. I inherited my grandmother's home through the trust.
I have lived here before and after she passed, and have continued to pay the house taxes, home insurance and the bills every since she passed (4 years +).
I THOUGHT that the property was free and clear. My uncle had been diverting the mail after my grandmother passed away.
On August 22, 2023 I received a letter in the mail from a company compu-link/HUD Division. The letter stated that the property was in violation due to the borrower passing and also was in default. And if the massive amount of money was not paid in full by September 10, 2023, they intend to foreclose.
I had no idea what this was, whether it was a scam or legit. After researching Compu-Link, I discovered they were a reverse mortgage company. Not being too familiar with reverse mortgage at all, I went and got copies of all of the property records.
It was then that I discovered my grandma had opened up a reverse mortgage with financial freedom back in 2008.
I have contacted more people than I can list about trying to see if my rights were violated, if they somehow broke the contract agreement for the inherited reverse mortgage, and just trying to fins help to stay in my home.
I am low income due to having mental health disabilities due to being a survivor of domestic violence that I am currently in treatment for. So I can't find anyone to help me get a loan. I am currently on my 2nd and final 90 day extension that HUD approved. My home is in pre-foreclosure.
After reading more about reverse mortgages, I thought that the lenders were supposed to send an occupancy letter, with the borrowers signature letting the lender know that the borrower DOES still occupy the property. If they never received my grandmas signature, for 4 years +, why did it take them that long to send a default letter on the reversed mortgage I inherited. It has accumulated a massive amount of interest over these last 4 years. In interest alone.
I received a payoff statement in October 2023, stating that the heir payoff is approx. $544,521.99. That was before they sent an appraiser out. The appraiser came out on January 2, 2024 and I received on (January 17, 2024) a new heir payoff statement for $453,229.00.
They valued the property at $481,000.00.
I can send over documents if you need me to.
This is my primary residence and I am facing homelessness and due to being self employed with renter income from renters I will not have an income anymore if I lose my home.
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Re: Inherited a home with a reverse mortgage and need options

Post by Jon123Mac »

Hi I’m interested in finding out if there are any programs that provide grants and assistance to help stop foreclosure of an inherited house from an reverse mortgage.
It is the home I live and I have been having difficulty obtaining a mortgage to refinance. I currently live in New York, NY.
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