I was fired as lost job because of husband domestic violence

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I was fired as lost job because of husband domestic violence

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My name is Whitney.
I am reaching out because I am in desperate need of some assistance as I lost my job due to husband domestic violence. I am 23 years old. Currently married. I recently lost my job due to no real fault of my own and it was due to domestic abuse from my husband.
My husband who is twice my age. I was driving his car to get back and forth to work he decided to stay with a buddy way up north for a bit to be closer to his children and I started staying with some friends and some family in the Princeton area and my job was based in Elk River. I drove his car back and forth to work for a few months and we decided I was going to drive up to visit him on a weekend I had off. So I went up there and everything went down hill very quickly.
He started accusing me of things I didn’t do, yelling at me, calling me names, and so I finally said I was going to leave from the verbal abuse. When I tried leaving, he grabbed a hold of me and ripped the keys out of my hand and started trying to break them with his hands and then threw them on the ground and stomped on them to which I panicked and tried to get the key from under his foot. He threatened me saying if I tried to leave in his car he was going to take a sledge hammer to it and then I was not allowed to leave in HIS car and forced me to go to the court house the next day and not show up for work.
Since this incident, I have been at the very very rough stages of my life. I have never applied for so many jobs and have gotten little to no response back from any of them. I spend all day everyday applying to every job I see and for some reason, they’re not reaching out. I am currently back down staying with some friends again but they are getting frustrated with me for not gaining any income or me being able to supply my own food and such, which I understand. All of my stuff and literally everything I own is in my storage unit in brainerd.
I am now 2 months behind on rent and I have 1 day now to figure something out before all of my stuff goes to auction. I have no gas money, awaiting to hear back from unemployment and the county for some assistance but am desperately needing some gas money and some support to help me not lose my personal belongings. if there’s anything you can do for someone who was fired and lost a job to husband DV or any direction you can point me in. I’d be forever grateful.
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