Reverse mortgage

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Reverse mortgage

Postby JessieMarie » Wed Jul 29, 2015 2:06 pm

I was flooded out of residence 8/11/2015. I lived with my Mom & daughter. She had a reverse mortgage and the house was sold for back taxes. I received rental assistance from FEMA on December 2014. When I reapplied for further assistance they denied me saying I did not provide the needed information. I have 8 pounds of paperwork of same info faxed over and over. I am on verge of eviction and utility shut off. Also lost my job of 10 years on 7/31/2015. FIA cut my food stamps in March. I just plain need help.

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Re: Reverse mortgage

Postby GogoJill » Tue Mar 13, 2018 10:53 am

I'd like some help on finding out who I need to speak with to possibly get assistance or find out if anything can even be done on a foreclosure due to a reverse mortgage. Unfortunately the house was auctioned today, about 18 hours after I was finally given account authorization. Even though they have had all paperwork needed to authorize me on the account as some beneficiary in my grandmother's will turned in to them back in April, it took until yesterday (3/14/18) at around 4pm before I was given access to the account.
I honestly feel like my home (our current residence in fact), was taken from me (and my family of 8) without me being given the chance to fairly buy it, as they claim to have wanted to help me do.
Unfortunately, I don't have many talk minutes on my phone, but emails of places that I can contact would be great. I may can borrow a phone with talk time for the phone number contacts.

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