Deland senior seeking electric bill assistance

If you are struggling with utility - energy bills.
NHPB has more info on energy assistance, and find local utility bill assistance programs.
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Deland senior seeking electric bill assistance

Post by Girl34 »

I’m 69, live in Deland Florida, and need help with my electric bill this month. It’s due tomorrow with a back-due. $253.29 total. I don’t have it.
My social security that I get as a senior doesn’t come in until next week. It’s not enough. I can’t pay everything. If my daughter had not sent me some food last month that I saved by eating carefully and trying not to eat more than two times a day, I wouldn’t have food.
I’ve been trying to get freelance work but I can’t out-bid “40 hours free” from the offshore brigades swarming every job and every company that will bring in their H1Bs.
My mortgage payment shot up $500 FIVE HUNDRED A MONTH due to insurance increases. The insurance doubled. IT DOUBLED. WHERE IS THERE ANY REGULATION TO PROTECT OLD POOR PEOPLE???
How am I supposed to manage that as a senior on fixed income?!!!
I’ve applied for a home equity loan to pay my bills and electric. It’s in process. But it won’t come through before the lights go off and I won’t even be able to look for jobs. I am going to use part of the money for a business effort I have already started so I can try to make some money. I can’t keep looking for jobs in the United States that are reserved only for men from India.
DUKE ENERGY won’t help people in Deland. They gave me one extension. It’s up tomorrow. I can’t get work to pay them. I called DUKE ENERGY. They were abusive. Demanded payment. Refused to do anything – not even give me a few more days.
Elder Assistance in Deland and Volusia County is out of money. The site says no applications accepted.
I called eight other places, including the Salvation Army. They don’t help. They give out phone numbers to other groups that do not help but do give out phone numbers. Most of the phone numbers the “help with bills” sites including the government sites are fake. They just run a circle from this one to that one and nobody actually has money, it’s just a referral service to other agencies that don’t have money but do have referrals to the same worthless agencies that have no money and won’t help other than to run circles with phone numbers.
I’m really sorry to bother you and being a type of person that begs. Someone referred you to me and I’m in need of help staying at a motel. We’re homeless and ran out of money to stay, which we could barely afford. I’m out of work due to hearing disability and can’t work without discrimination from other people. My girlfriend started a new job and we thought she was getting paid today to extend our stay but she doesn’t get paid till next week. I don’t know what to do, I’m in mercy asking for help please. Please text me anything else I need to get help. God bless you and thank you for your time.
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Re: Deland senior seeking electric bill assistance

Post by Baldur1 »

Good morning,
I was wondering if you offered a one time assistance program for utility bills. I am behind one months electric and need help. My food stamp allotment was decreased and with the cold winter my electric bill went up here in Deland. I am struggling, a senior and fell behind quickly. I have car repairs that I can’t afford and I don’t know what to do.
Is there any options that you know of?
I live in Volusia County, the city of Deland, and have already reached out and they are out of funds.
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