Looking for a program for a truck clutch

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Looking for a program for a truck clutch

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Hi my name is Esther. I am a disabled person and receive SSI and SSDI, which is not enough for me to fix the clutch on my car. I live in Magalia California. I have a 1987 jeep Comanche truck that I have been taking good care of and want to keep. Yesterday the clutch went out in my truck and I really need help to get it fixed. Or replaced or some way to get to drive again.
My car has been in the shop for 4 months total going from shop to shop because nobody could figure out what was wrong with the clutch because the check engine light would not come on. And I finally found somebody that could fix it and my husband was supposed to pay for it but he ended up leaving the family. So now I'm a single mom and I can't afford to get it out so they want to put a mechanical lien against it
If you can help me with information I would appreciate it and I will also be looking up the recommended agencies and charities you listed on your page.
Feel free to call or text for information on clutch.
Thank you
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