Macular degeneration disability and behind on bills

People who need medical bill assistance.
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Macular degeneration disability and behind on bills

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Dear Sir/Madam:
I am a certified Nursing Assistant in the state of Florida, Lakeland. The past few months have been very difficult for me as I’m a senior and was dismissed from my job due to a disability. I have macular degeneration and so it is hard to see from one eye. This did not interfere with my work, as I was very good with my patients. Now now I was forced to file disability, FMLA and now I am behind on all my bills, including medical, due to the Macular degeneration.
Due to this discovery, my employee let me go. As a result, I’m unable to pay for my bills. I am asking for any help I can get with medical, eye care and housing. I am in an apartment where it’s far too expensive due to the loss of job and would benefit from a low income housing.
Please, my rent is due. Any help I can get would be greatly appreciated.
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