Seeking personal care for family member

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Seeking personal care for family member

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Hello there, my name is Bill and I would like to ask for help with [*]personal care. The story is my aunt was disowned by her family and was forced to come to Pennsylvania for help. She lived in Florida with her husband and daughter. She fell one day and broke her hip and had to get surgery to repair it and those needs home or personal care. During this time her husband had a major stroke and became invalid. So the daughter chose to take care of her father and her mother had to leave because she couldn’t take care of both of them.
I am her nephew and her 2 other sisters live up her also. Nobody has room for her to live with them or the means to take care of her. So I have done extensive research into a personal care home for her that is the cheapest. She only makes 2000 a month off SSI and the cheapest home is 3500 a month. I can probably manage 500 a month but that would leave another 1000 a month that would need paid. I don’t know if you can help me but I am hoping sincerely Bill
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