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Fri Feb 07, 2014 9:49 pm
Forum: Help With Rent
Topic: Rental assistance for handicapped
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Re: Rental assistance for handicapped

I need help with paying my rent. I live in Greeley Colorado. I was off a few day's of work because of the flood and I’m $400 Short on my rent. I have called 211 and they connected me with the Weld county 211 info line. I talked to a lady named and she said that nobody in Greeley help's with rent. Th...
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Fri Feb 07, 2014 9:45 pm
Forum: Assistance Programs
Topic: Any Programs for single men
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Any Programs for single men

I'm a single male that has gotten behind on my finances and I'm not sure what my options are for assistance. I've tried my hardest to avoid having to ask for help but friends and family have convinced me it's ok to ask for help so that's what I'm doing. I'm not sure exactly what my year-to-date inco...
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Fri Aug 24, 2012 4:33 pm
Forum: Help With Debt
Topic: Debt consolidation
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Re: Debt consolidation

I work full-time but cannot meet the co-pays for recent health issues. I understand I don't qualify for government assistance. I am the working poor and there seems to be no help for me. Up until now I have kept my bills paid the extra burden of these health bills is out of my reach. I am afraid tha...
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Mon Jul 02, 2012 7:45 am
Forum: Assistance Programs
Topic: Food stamps are running out
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Food stamps are running out

I am a food stamp recipient single woman who is currently unemployed. I live in Albuquerque. I am in need of assistants with my electric bill. Also my food stamps may be running out soon. Are there any programs that can help with my energy bill just for the summer months? I have the help of my famil...
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Mon Jul 02, 2012 7:43 am
Forum: Help With Rent
Topic: Need to get into an apartment
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Re: Need to get into an apartment

I am 20 years of age and I currently live on my own in Indianapolis with out my parents, and I have recently have been caught up in a situation, I cant afford to pay my rent, nor light bill. I am on the verge of my light being cut off by July,2. Also my rent for July 1, 2012 is due and I do not have...