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by Kennth
Fri Nov 23, 2012 1:09 am
Forum: Help With Utility Bills
Topic: Natural gas bill assistance Atlanta
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Re: Natural gas bill assistance Atlanta

Really need assistance. I am a working, married mother of four and I am currently the only one working and taking care of everything. I have contacted every center, agency, charity, etc. to see if I could possibly get some help with my Georgia Power Electric and Gas Bill but no one can help. I just ...
by Kennth
Fri Nov 23, 2012 1:07 am
Forum: General Help
Topic: Shopping rebates an savings
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Shopping rebates an savings

To whom it may concern, I have found your site to be very helpful and really appreciate the time and effort you put into making sure the information is correct and legit. I am trying to find how to sign up for Wal-Mart and Babies R Us to receive the 5 or 7% for signing up and then completing surveys...
by Kennth
Mon Nov 05, 2012 9:47 am
Forum: Help With Rent
Topic: Recovered addict needs a home for children
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Recovered addict needs a home for children

I have 4 children ages 10 years to 25 months. I lost them to the state, because of a drug addiction. I am doing better now and will be graduating from a drug treatment program soon and getting my kids back, however I need a 3 bedroom place. I live in a two bedroom. My problem is not being able to pa...
by Kennth
Mon Nov 05, 2012 9:45 am
Forum: Charities
Topic: Need Help With Rent PLZ!!!!!!
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Re: Need Help With Rent PLZ!!!!!!

Hello, I was wondering if I could get some information. A few weeks ago my wife was diagnosed with a cancerous sarcoma. She had the tumor removed this in mid October, but is now dealing with an open wound (with the use of a wound vac) while waiting for pathology to come back, before going to surgery...
by Kennth
Sat Aug 27, 2011 9:00 am
Forum: Charities
Topic: Non proft agencies
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Re: Non proft agencies

Ive already received help from my state service building and many charities in my area of Little Rock Arkansas for help on my rent and bills last month i am out of a job currently attending employment connections and am unable to pay my rent this month i have a one year old child and have received a...
by Kennth
Sat Aug 27, 2011 8:58 am
Forum: Help With Mortgages
Topic: Behind on mortgage payments
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Re: Behind on mortgage payments

My husband suffered a severe medical emergency and back problems while loading his commercial trailer in Charlotte North Carolina on July18th, 2011. He is a self employed truck driver and we have not had any income since that incident in July. Weve sold personal belongings to be able to pay our $abo...
by Kennth
Sat Aug 27, 2011 8:55 am
Forum: Assistance Programs
Topic: Financial hardship
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Re: Financial hardship

Good Afternoon, I am in need of financial help. I currently work part-time now because my company has downsized and many people have been either left jobless or suffered a major pay cut which in my case I was a victim of the paycut so now my check doesn't cover my major responsibilities putting me b...