Pennsylvania prescription drug assistance programs.

Pennsylvania offers a variety of ways to get help with medications and prescription drugs. Programs provide free or discounted medications.

PACE and PACENET Prescription Assistance

Both of these plans provide very extensive coverage and prescription coverage to older Pennsylvanians. The assistance program will help pay for most prescription medications, including syringes, insulin needles, and insulin.

The programs do have some limits. For example, the programs do not pay for or cover medical equipment, over-the-counter medicines, doctor, dental, vision, or hospital visits or services. One benefit is that there are  no application fees or ongoing monthly fees to enroll in the program. Dial 1-800-225-7223.

PACE Plus Medicare

This is a program that was created for the purpose of converting the state’s existing drug assistance plans into a new and improved supplemental program that wraps around the currently existing private Medicare Part D prescription drug plans. PACE Plus Medicare gives the Pennsylvania state government the authority to act as a representative for both its PACENET and PACE assistance plan enrollees in matters relating to overall Medicare Part D plans, and it enrolls the beneficiaries into the existing government Medicare Part D plans, it will help pay Part D premiums, and the plan will also assist with applying for lower income subsidies that may be needed on behalf of both PACE and PACENET assistance program members. (717) 787-7313





NACo Prescription Drug Discount Card

In addition, most county governments in Pennsylvania offer the NACo prescription discount card. Both insured and uninsured families can use this free card. Pennsylvania has a partnership with Caremark, which allows the state to provide this free, simple discount card that can help save an average of 22% off the retail cost of prescription medication. To sign up for the card, there are no forms to fill out, no enrollment fees, no income or age requirements, and there are no medical condition restrictions. In addition, your entire family is covered by the plan with just one prescription discount card. Thousands of pharmacies in Pennsylvania accept the card. And last, but not least, almost all commonly prescribed medicine is covered and eligible for a discount.

Pennsylvania Patient Assistance Program Clearinghouse (PA PAP)

This is a service in which the state coordinates with drug manufacturers and medical companies in administering their patient assistance programs. What occurs is that many pharmaceutical companies offer lower priced medications for families and individuals who meet specific income qualifications and who do not otherwise have access to necessary long-term medications to meet their health care needs. While not all manufacturers participate, and not all drugs are covered, The Pennsylvania patient assistance programs is another great choice. Click here to learn more on PAP, or call 1-800-955-0989 to apply.

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