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Needhelppayingbills is an organization that provides people a place to get information on assistance programs. We have details on an extensive number of services, including phone numbers, addresses, and information on thousands of non-profit agencies, government and public assistance programs, and charity organizations. We also have information on financial services offered directly to consumers from private companies such as utility companies and credit counselors.

Millions of Americans are struggling, and many of them are facing financial difficulties for the first time in their lives. They are trying to make the almost impossible decision every month over whether they should pay their rent, utilities, mortgage, or buy a needed prescription. Many people are facing evictions, foreclosure, bankruptcy, or are close to having their utilities disconnected.

The information you find on Needhelppayingbills may be able to help you and your family make it through a difficult period. Learn about financial assistance programs such as LIHEAP, section 8, or eviction prevention. A number of services are also available that can help people gain longer term self-sufficiency through job training or other employment services.

Most of the organizations and programs listed have limited funding. Many resources will also have qualifications that need to be met, or an application that may need to be completed. Unfortunately not everyone will be able to qualify for help. Since funding is limited, even if you do qualify for a program, there may not be any funds available. Also any financial assistance provided will tend to be only for a portion of your bills and expenses, as most non-profit agencies will only contribute partial funding.

We also have created a blog. This is where people can find timely news stories, articles, as well as get additional tips and commentary on a many of topics. Learn about money saving tips, find reviews of assistance programs, and get other support. Read the official needhelppayingbills blog.

We do not sell or offer any services ourselves to consumers. We only partner with government programs, non-profits, utility companies, churches, charities and other organizations in an effort to provide information on assistance programs that are available both nationally and locally. While we do have some advertising, and use google analytics, all information is confidential. Learn more on our privacy policy.

Explore the countless programs listed on our site in order to get help in your time of need. Please email us and we will do our best to reply to all requests for further information. Be sure to include your state. We can provide further services and support.


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