Massachusetts mortgage foreclosure help and assistance.

Find foreclosure and mortgage help in all areas of Massachusetts, including Boston and Worcester. Several resources are administered directly by the state. However many programs are offered by non-profit organizations, banks, and mortgage servicers.

You can also find additional assistance and grant programs that are available in Massachusetts that can help you with paying bills and receiving financial aid. Contact the organizations below to explore other options.

Massachusetts Right to Cure foreclosure

In 2007, the Governor of Massachusetts signed Chapter 206 of the Acts of 2007. It was a law to Protect and Preserve Home Ownership. It was intended to address the historic foreclosure levels in Massachusetts. One of the numerous provisions of Chapter 206 includes a 90-Day "Right To Cure" after default on all mortgage loans for 1-4 family, owner-occupied residential property. Previously the "Right To Cure" waiting period was only 30 days. What this change does is that it requires that lenders must wait an additional 60 days before foreclosure proceedings can begin in Land Court against any homeowners who may have defaulted on their mortgages. To learn more, contact a Massachusetts HUD counseling agency.

MassHousing Home Saver Foreclosure Prevention Program

$250 million was dedicated to this mortgage foreclosure prevention program that is meant to provide fixed-interest rate refinancing loans as well as counseling services to struggling sub-prime borrowers. The counseling can help with paying bills and debt. Contact your lender and refer to this program.

Eligible borrowers need to meet the following criteria and program eligibility is determined as part of mandatory counseling:

  • The person or family must be employed with verifiable income and they must also be able to afford the new monthly mortgage payment.
  • Have a minimum credit score of 560 for a single-family home or condominium, 580 for a 2-family home, or a minimum score of 620 for a 3- or 4-family home.




  • Meet loan and income limit restrictions.
  • MassHousing can be reached at 800.882.1154.

MyCommunity Refinance Loan

If a homeowner is not eligible for the Home Saver program above, then they may be able to lower their risk of needing to make high payments on their mortgages in the future by taking advantage of the state MyCommunity Refinance Loan. This program will allow homeowners the ability to refinance into a competitive fixed interest rate mortgage. Learn more.

Mortgage Relief Fund

This fund is a $125 million mortgage relief fund. This Fund is aimed at helping all those New England homeowners who are in good standing with their current mortgage payment and loan(s), but who may be experiencing some type of difficulty making payments now and they may expect to have greater difficulty making payments when their rates reset in the future. Through this mortgage assistance program, borrowers will have access to a wide range of mortgage products that may include both FHA and FHA Secure as well as state assistance programs and other programs to help. Ask your bank or lender about this option.

Homeowners are eligible for help if:

  • the property is owner-occupied.
  • the home need to be worth more than the total of the mortgage loan balance(s).
  • the homeowner has generally paid their mortgage on time.
  • borrowers can document their current income.
  • Dial 800.288.6225

Bank of America Boston Outreach Center

A new center has been opened by BOA to help homeowners in the Boston Massachusetts area. Homeowners can meet one on one with mortgage counselors and explore their options. Click here to learn more on how to get mortgage and/or foreclosure help in Boston.





Get foreclosure advice and mortgage assistance in Suffolk County and the Boston area

There are about ten different non-profit agencies, HUD certified groups, mortgage centers, and government programs that are available to homeowners in the area. While some of the solutions may be similar, each may also have its own take on the best ways to get back on track with your home loan payment. Find information on the various agencies and programs available. More on Boston foreclosure prevention.

Free foreclosure legal assistance

A number of attorneys and organizations across Massachusetts have partnered together to create a Pro Bono Foreclosure Assistance Hotline. It will provide free legal advice to homeowners who are struggling with paying their mortgage. Learn more on how to get help from the Massachusetts pro bono foreclosure assistance program.

Non-profit housing counseling agencies

Several non-profit agencies have been certified by the federal government HUD agency to provide Massachusetts homeowners with a multitude of mortgage and foreclosure assistance programs and options to save their home. Learn more on the Massachusetts HUD approved agencies.

Boston Massachusetts area assistance

National bank JP Morgan Chase has opened a mortgage/foreclosure homeowner assistance center in the region that can provide solutions to local borrowers. Stop by the center to learn how to get assistance either paying your mortgage or ways to avoid a foreclosure. Read more.

Cambridge Massachusetts area mortgage programs

Families and individuals who live in Cambridge Massachusetts, or the surrounding area of Middlesex County, have a homeownership center they can turn to for free advice, guidance and support. Chase, one of the nation’s largest banks, operates a center in the region that allows borrowers to meet with highly trained specialists. Together you will explore a number of mortgage assistance programs, and learn how to avoid a foreclosure. Options may include loan modifications, interest rate reductions, and fee waivers. Read more on the home loan counseling center in the area, and find how to apply for the programs.




Statewide programs and HUD certified housing agencies

A few dozen non-profit organizations specialize in offering counseling, information on various mortgage assistance programs, and foreclosure help to homeowners across Massachusetts. Many of the services are offered for free, and can include workshops, one on one personal advice, and even tactics such as having a specialist negotiate directly with your mortgage servicer. Offices are located either in or near most cities and towns across the state. The organizations will oftentimes partner with other charities and non-profits too, such as your local community action agency or Salvation Army. Click here to find details on the organizations, including phone numbers and addresses.

Government funded HomeCorps program

The state of Massachusetts created this program using grants received from the federal government and funds from a nationwide lawsuit. HomeCorps can both assist homeowners with stopping a foreclosure, or help people find new housing if their situation is dire. Resources offered include loan modifications and general counseling. Read more on the Massachusetts HomeCorps program.






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