Poorest and fattest states are Republican lead states

If Republican economic and health care policies are so great for America, how come 18 out of the 19 poorest states are currently as well as traditionally Republican lead states? If Republican health care policies and belief in personal responsibility are so effective for America, how come 10 out of the 10 most obese (“fattest”) states are Republican lead states? Meanwhile, with the exception of West Virginia, all of the poorest states (which are Republican lead) ALSO have among the highest income inequality scores, with six in the top 15.

If I was smart I would end the post right here with those, as they are so astounding in themselves they are the equivalent of “dropping the mic”, but of well!

I have been very hesitant to be so “direct” in focusing on politics on this blog. I have posted pro Republican concepts to life/business as well as pro-Democratic concepts to life/business. (At least what the general consensus is for what is considered “Pro-republican” or “Pro-Democratic” views).

In addition to this, I am not really a political person. Of course I am strongly anti-racist, believe people are equal, and pro-women. However sadly Republicans tend to make those basic human rights of equality a political issue (just look at the demographics and past history of their party as noted below). I am a fact and data based person, and I look at issues while keeping a clear, calm head and not being emotional. I know that using a calm, fact based, data driven approach to issues as well as life is lacking in America today. But that ability to use data/facts/math/emotional stability has helped me be professionally and financially successful.

I am actually not of any political party, as I am independent. I try to think and educate myself and do not feel a need to join a “tribe to fit in”. I think, and studies show, the “need to belong to a group” is what most of politics (and American society) is about. I watch Fox News, MSNBC and CNN. I read the NY Times as well as WS Journal Editorials and Breitbart. I do stay knowledgeable to the issues.

That being said, I sort of can’t hold off in posting a political article that is fact based. As I think the Republican party has completely lost their way these days. In fact, I barely know what they stand for (other than racism, sexism, and “angry white people”) as many of their policies are hypocritical, factually not true, racist/sexist and lack common sense.

I think this upcoming election will be a bloodbath for the Republicans on all levels (Congress, presidential, etc.) and the results will force the Republicans to rethink their entire party and policies. I think history will look back on this time and talk about what a mess the Republican party is. That being said, I do hope Republicans can get back on track. Or even better, spin off or separate into new, distinct parties, but I know that will never happen.

Anyway, I am not really sure how to approach this post. I want to make it a discussion/review of policies that is objective/factual, but that goal can be challenging. As any political party that overseas the poorest, most obese, and least educated states need to have light shined on that fact. So there will be some subjective information as well. I will try to differentiate the posts as possible.

Some brief history

For those that do not know history of the Republican party, the white voters in the southern states use to vote mostly as Democrats. The white vote in the southern states started to switch to the Republican party starting in the the 1950s and the “floodgates opened” in the 1960s and the 1970s; that was the period in which the southern states started to become Republican strongholds. The reason that most historians attribute for white southern voters switching their votes from Democrats to the Republican party is that southern people were opposed to the Democrats as the Democrats were starting to emphasize Civil Rights and Equal rights back in 1948, during the Truman presidency. The Republicans even had a name for their efforts to win white southern voters in the south back in the 1960s and 1970s, and the Republican strategy was called the “Southern Strategy”.

In fact, The Republican National Committee actually admitted to this and and also apologized to the black community as well as apoligized to the NAACP for this “Southern Strategy” in which they admitted to racial polarization. See below for more information.

White southerners wanted to keep with what amounted to white supremacy (and to a lesser extent sexism). So white southern voters switched their votes to the Republican party who were empathetic to the racism/sexist/racial issues. I expand on this more below, but here are just two one articles from a “conservative outlet” that talks about this https://www.foxnews.com/story/gop-changes-tack-on-black-voter-appeal or https://kenmehlman.com/ken-mehlman-remarks-at-naacp/ As I know some Republican people may already be having an emotional reaction to this post and saying I am lying….But sadly this is the true history of the more RECENT Republican party.

Democrats (both white and black voters) continued to push for Civil Rights, ending segregation and racism throughout the late 1940s, 1950, 1960s, and even through today (current dates). The Democratic president Lyndon Johnson signed the Civil Rights Act in 1965, which ended segregation in the south and ended Jim Crow laws.  This ending of segregation “POed” many white southern voters, in particular males. The Republican were not as much in favor of equal rights and decided to use their opposition to gain votes in the south. Republicans decided to, and were successful in, having white people from the south vote for Republicans.

History shows that shortly after the Civil Rights Act became law, the vast majority white voters in the southern states switched to the Republican party. White voters switched to the Republican party as they were so upset with Democrats for focusing on Equal Rights and southerners were upset with ending segregation. Note that black voters in the southern states stayed mostly Democratic.

So the southern states, in particular white southern men, started to leave the Democratic party and latched onto the Republican party. This transition started in the 60s, around the time of Nixon, and the reason for southern states switching from Democrats to Republicans was that white people in southern states were anti-civil rights. The southern whites wanted to continue with white supremacy and did not want black people (or to a lesser extent women) to have equal rights.

In addition to that, the Republicans also turned Roe vs. Wade ruling of 1976 into a political issue and used that ruling to also pull more southern voters away from the Democrats. What is ironic is that Baptist leaders and thousands of Catholics from Clergy Consultation Service on Abortion were actually helping women get abortion prior to Republicans turning Roe vs. Wade into a political issue. Regardless, this talk about abortion rights gave the racists in the south “cover” to leave the party. And of course, the Republican party has kept that strategy of appealing of Racism and Sexism going through the 1970s up through current.

This is not subjective but objective. As you can read about the Republican “Southern Strategy” from multiple sources (which I strongly recommend). Also as noted above Republicans admitted to the Southern strategy and racial Polarization or just look at the factual data. Republicans admitted to their racial divisiveness policy when the Republican party was more “open” and thoughtful, as the current Republican party is just about appealing to white power, the uneducated, conspiracy theorists, and to a lesser extent sexists.

Want visual data? I even posted below a quick way to visualize the switch from Republican to Democrat. Look at each of these states and the section called Electoral College Votes. Look at the graph and right around 1968 presidential election how the states flipped from Blue (Democratic) to Red (Republican) almost without fail. Right around the 60s, 70s each state flipped (and you can also look at other southern states and see the exact same thing).


Republican party today

The party is a mess (subjective). There results if their policies show that. I will repeat….18 out of the 19 poorest states are currently as well as traditionally Republican lead states and 10 out of the 10 most obese states are Republican lead states.

I think I will just list below a number of the policies and how they are hypocritical or make no sense. First of all, lets look at demographics of the Republican Party.

  • Women Voters are 56% Democrats and only 37% Republican.
  • College Graduates are 54% Democratic and only 39% Republican
  • Post college graduates are 63% Democratic and 31% Republican (this is people with masters or more college than just 4 years)
  • High school graduates and people with some college are equally split between Republican and Democratic.
  • Minorities are mostly Democratic – Black community (Democrats have 76% advantage), Hispanics (Democrats have 35% advantage), and Asians (Democrats have 38% advantage).
  • Voters under the age of 38 are 59% Democrat and only 32% Republican
  • Voters age 39 to 55 are 48% Democratic to Republican 43%
  • Democratic medium household income is about $63,000 per year and Republican median household income is about $53,000 per year.

The total electorate (meaning all people, all ages, all ethnicities, religions, beliefs, etc.) are 50% Democratic vs. 42% Republican. This means that people who identify or “lean” towards a political party (“lean” includes most independents), Democrats have an overall 8% lead in voters. the bottom list is that more people in this country, even independents, lean Democratic way.

The only lead among Republicans is white people, and Republicans have an 8% advantage there. This is mostly due to older white males skewing towards Republicans- Namely whites older than 55.

What does all this mean? The bottom line is that it is not good for Republicans. Democrats are much more educated – they have twice as many college educated as well as masters/post college voters. Younger voters skew heavily toward democrats, and the only age group that Republican lead is people over 56.

Another piece I find fascinating is Democrats are much more educated and have much higher incomes, yet these higher income people vote Democratic even though Democrats consistently push higher tax rates. In the US, right or wrong, money talks and “rules the world”. This means that educated, higher income people have such a dislike of Republican policies they are willing to pay more in taxes to support Democratic policies. This is objective comment and not opinion.

This data was eye opening to me with the lack of educated voters in the Republican party. Now I understand much more the conspiracy theory type schemes pushed by Republicans, the repetitive messaging in an effort to what professionals call “brainwash people”, the lack of facts/science/data in their messaging, and the Republican general lack of messaging that is factual based. (Preceding is both subjective and objective)




Republican Policies

Now, as far as political parties, for those with critical thinking skills, ask yourself this. What is the Republican Party and what do they even believe these days? Try to take emotions out of your thought process and use facts, logic, and data. Look at some (or all) of the main categories below. Lets look at some facts below.

Populist and “working people” policies:

Republican individual tax cuts, the top 20% of earners received about 60% of tax savings and about 20% of those savings went to top 1% of earners. Bottom line is that for these tax cuts, ~20% of tax cuts went to top 1% of earners. Republicans say they were trying to appeal to “working class people”, but Republicans gave about 60% of tax savings to the top earners in US. How does giving wealthy people more money in tax savings benefit the majority of Americans?



Republicans cut Corporate income tax rates from 35% to 21%. It saved corporate America (businesses) about $150 billion per year. But wages to employees want up less than .5% per year and Republicans did not mandate any of those billions of dollars that companies saved go to say increasing minimum wage.

Republicans claim to be the America first party, claim to fight “corruption” and drain swamp in Washington, but they give companies hundreds of billions per year in extra income but did not even mandate any programs to actually help people? There in not even one cent that companies were required to give to workers. They can’t even mandate any of the hundreds of billions in corporate savings go to increased minimum wages, child care, or job training. If the Republican party is for “America first” and American families and workers, would it not be say common sense to give companies hundreds of billions in tax breaks but then have the companies put at minimum a small portion of those savings into benefiting workers, through minimum wages, child care, or ANYTHING.


Wage growth. From January 2009 to December 2017 the average annual wage growth of all non farm employees (which is the standard and accepted Bureau of Labor Statistics measurement) was 2.68%. From January 2017 through March 2020, annual wage growth was 2.97%. So the Republican economy allowed the average worker to get .3% increase in their hourly income! That is impressive (sarcasm). So the average American family has had a couple hundred dollar (at most) increase in their annual income while corporations have saved hundreds of billions of dollars. Is that what the Republican party, who now falsely claims is pro-worker, thinks is fair?

https://www.epi.org/nominal-wage-tracker/ using Bureau Labor Statistics data.

Republicans have done everything possible to not raise minimum wage. As a side note, it is $7.25 per hour or $15,000 per year. Republicans claim wages should be personal responsibility/set by free markets. Even though Republicans have given companies hundreds of billions of dollars in tax breaks (and also later bailed out companies due to COVID), they did not require one cent to go to working Americans? Make sense to you?

Do Republicans even believe in free markets? As Republicans give subsidies to and bail out farmers, Republicans  want to force China to put priority buying so important soybeans (sarcasm), Republicans have plans to constrain drug pricing, Republicans give subsidies and funds to oil companies, Republicans bail out airline companies (even after those airlines previously spent billions on dividends and stock buybacks, etc.) Once again, Republicans pick and choose winners in the economy (which is anti-free markets) but say they support free markets. What is their truth?

Republicans claim to be populist party but Republicans are anti-union. That is anti every union except law enforcement. Republicans have no interest in workers rights or benefits, such as Republicans have had 7 years now to come up with a health care plan and still do not have a plan. Republicans are trying to limit worker rights as Republicans want to protect companies, and most recent example is prevent COVID lawsuits. Republicans are not in favor of child care benefits (as they have done nothing to pass them even when they controlled Congresss), etc. Republicans say they want to support workers and drain swamp of corporate influence but their policies do not reflect that.

Republicans keep carried interest tax benefits, which allows hedge fund managers, investment professionals, to pay a tax rate that is less than most Americans that pay taxes. This carried interest tax benefit allows the super rich to often pay a lower % of their income for paying than teachers, nurses, police officers, and almost everyone.


Poor and Unhealthy Republican states:

If Republican economic policies are so great for America, how come 18 out of the 19 poorest states are Republican lead states? If Republican health care policies and personal responsibility is so great for America, how come 10 out of the 10 most Obese states are Republican lead states? The stats (even confirmed by Fox News) also show the following: “Though income inequality affects rich and poor states alike, the poorest states struggle with it most. Inequality was high in only three rich states: California, Massachusetts and Connecticut. Meanwhile, with the exception of West Virginia, all of the poorest states had among the highest income inequality scores, with six in the top 15.”

While so many Republican policies are hypocritical, at the end of the day these may be the most TWO powerful stats that show this hypocrisy. I will not even add much commentary to this as the data is astounding.

That being said, I will say only a couple things. One is of course the stats could vary slightly, but there is no question that traditional Republican states are both the poorest and unhealthiest in the US. I would also never say that historical Democratic states are perfect, they too obviously have challenges and no place (or person) is perfect, and this is not the point here.

But I have always been shocked that Republicans are so ignorant and would not use data and say….“hey, maybe we can learn a little about these wealthier, healthier Democratic states; maybe there are some things we can do better and borrow some of the Democratic policies and tweak them if need be, but maybe there is something to the Democratic states being healthier and wealthier.” As that to me is one of the keys to being successful at business, life, investing, and anything. Learn from others. Find best practices. 

Instead Republicans, who once again are lacking in educational achievement, just “rail” against liberals. Republicans bash Democratic states, even though Democratic states are more successful by every objective measure. Think about this….Republicans bash Democratic states even though Democratic states have less income inequality, higher incomes, better health, etc. It makes zero sense. It is like a sporting team, say the Cincinnati Bengals, making fun of the New England Patriots even though the Patriots are and have been so much more successful.

Wouldn’t a more thoughtful approach be for Republicans to ask themselves why are those Democratic areas so successful? Shouldn’t Republicans try to learn? The lack of thoughtfulness, self-awareness and belief in data/logic/critical thinking in Republican party is astounding. Of course I know people who are racist, sexist, and say they are Republicans and they also lack self-awareness. Maybe lack of self-awareness is something in the party (subjective comment).

Then again, do Republicans really care how successful the Democratic states are, as maybe Republicans just want to continue to focus on holding down minorities and women. While subjective, I actually suspect Republican leaders do not want their “votes or population” to realize this, how poorly on every objective measure the Republican states and policies are doing.





Fiscal policies:

  • Federal government discretion spending 2017 was 1.2 trillion dollars
  • Federal government discretion spending 2018 was 1.262 trillion dollars
  • Federal government discretion spending 2019 1.337 trillion dollars

Republicans are increasing government spending at twice the rate of inflation at the same time they claim to be the party of fiscal constraint, small government, and budgeting. The last few years discretionary spending, which is a reflection of government size and what can be controlled by Republicans has grown ~5% per year (or ~twice the rate of inflation)…so much for Republicans claiming to be for small government and fiscal constraint.

When it comes to financial restraint and small government, Republicans talk out of two sides of their mouth and have been for at least 20 years. As they say Republicans are about fiscal restraint (at least they claim that they are about fiscal restraint when a Democrat is in power like Obama), but then when there is a Republican president fiscal restraint and small government “falls by the wayside”. Think George Bush and Medicare Part D (a benefit costing $50 billion + with no way to way for it), the cost of wars that Republicans (Iraq, Afghanistan) started that were unpaid for and Republicans could not even get Americans to pay a little more in taxes/self-sacrifice to support our military. Or think the unpaid for Trump Tax cuts that benefited the wealthy.

This year (pre-COVID) we were on track for a historic $1 trillion budget deficit while the economy was booming, which is the antithesis of restraint. This will be a record high budget disaster, as it would be a record high budget deficit at time of economic growth. The annual budget deficit should be declining in a strong economy. And that $1 trillion budget gap was pre-pandemic response…now we are on track for probably 4 trillion or so deficit.

Democrats have been called “the tax and spend party”, which is probably a fair assessment. Of course some Democrats want to increase taxes more and spend more (such as Bernie Sanders) than others, who are for more incremental tax increases and spending (such as Joe Biden). At least Democrats are saying/admitting they want to increase taxes while increasing spending. Democrats are not being hypocritical and trying to deceive America. But while Republicans claim to be the party of reduced taxes and expenditures, Republicans are instead “the borrow and spend party” because they cut taxes while increasing expenditures. Instead of paying their way they have chosen to pass along the costs to future generations. That’s hypocritical and immoral.

Lack of thoughtfulness and common sense in Republican policies:

Think about the lack of critical thinking and thoughtfulness. This may be due to the lack of education in the Republican party. (That is a comment supported by lack of college degrees of Republicans).

Lets look at COVID as one example. Republicans complain about economic shutdowns, which I totally agree are devastating for people as well as small businesses. But you know what allows the economy to open, it is making it safe for people to go out and make them feel safe, which is masks, hygiene, distance, being courteous. You can’t have a strong economy without health…it is a false choice.

Republicans for some reason do not realize this, which is a lack of thoughtfulness in the party. Look at the data of every other advanced economy….make people safe (and have them Feel safe) and the economic damage can be limited. Once again, for about the 20th time, America is embarrassing in our terrible response to COVID when compared to every other advanced country in the world. This is a factual based comment on US COVID data compared to other advanced countries.


How about Republican police policies? Republicans policies are pro-union and pro-force. Republicans seem to complain abut increasing crime, which is horrible and unacceptable. But read about the history on crime; crime increases when economy is poor, joblessness at record high (like now), racial strife and people feel hopeless. Add in horrible Republican response to racial strife, horrible Republican response COVID (and some jails needing to release prisoners) and Republicans COVID and racial response is also adding to crime. Add in pressure on police to be more mindful, and it is a perfect storm for more crime. The increase in crime is not from police departments being defunded (which has not happened other than in a few cities and defunded police is not a Democratic platform policy).

Instead, Democrats want to tweak police policies. Which can and has been done successfully. Read about Camden, which combines social services with police, community building. The crime rate in Camden has drastically decreased using a community approach to policing, and in fact the city is becoming a role model for the nation….educate yourself.




Trade Policies:

As recently as 5 years ago Republicans use to believe in free trade, partly to help spread Capitalism, Democracy, etc. Now that is completely gone. So do the Republicans believe in free trade or not?

Cancel Culture:

This is apparently the new Republican line to try to influence/manipulate/enrage their voters. For those that don’t know, the definition of Cancel culture is “refers to the popular practice of withdrawing support for (canceling) public figures and companies after they have done or said something considered objectionable or offensive.”

The Republican Party (namely Trump) is the definition of Cancel Culture. Reread and remember the definition. Now remember what trump has said. As an example “Wouldn’t you love to see one of these NFL owners, when somebody disrespects our flag, to say, ‘Get that son of a bitch off the field right now. Out! He’s fired. He’s fired!’” He said that about Kapernick. Reread the definition. Is not what Trump said the definition of cancel culture?

Trump said “Mitt Romney never knew how to win. He is a pompous ‘ass’ who has been fighting me from the beginning, except when he begged me for my endorsement for his Senate run (I gave it to him), and when he begged me to be Secretary of State (I didn’t give it to him). He is so bad for R’s!”. Trump tried to cancel Mitt.


Health care policies:

The Republican party voted over 70 times to overturn Obamacare going back to 2010. Republicans also ran on a goal to put into place a health insurance plan. After over 70 votes to repeal Obamacare, and 3+ years of a republican president, the Republicans still do not have a proposed plan. They have NEVER put together a plan.

Republicans had no interest in reforming healthcare until the Democrats put into place a plan. Regardless of whether you like the Democratic plan or not, Republicans never had any interest in the topic. Then Republicans did everything they could to ensure the Democratic health plan failed (such as refused to allow Medicaid expansion in their states, fought back on contraception, etc.), and still they have no other alternative. Republicans have had 7+ years to come up with an alternate plan, but now that they are in power they have nothing.


Sacrifice and Patriotism:

Ever watch Fox News? I do. I hear them talk about sacrifice of police officers, military, first responders, and others. They refer to “patriots” quite a bit. I completely agree, those individuals make a tremendous sacrifice everyday.

But again this shows the complete hypocrisy of the Republican party. As Republicans mostly refuse to wear masks, social distance, or follow simple steps. Think about this….Republicans refusal to wear a mask is putting countless first responders, such as nurses and medical community, at tremendous risk. This means Republican voters themselves have a total inability to make sacrifices for the greater good….their lack of doing such a sample thing is putting lives at risk PLUS harming the economy. But they talk about how important it is to make sacrifices for the country or others, and they can’t do it themselves.

Or another example. Ever hear of Afghanistan or Iraq and all the soldiers, the heroes, who went overseas to serve our country? The Republican president(s) could not even ask Americans to make a sacrifice to help pay for that war by even increasing taxes slightly. Once again, sacrifice is good to talk about but it takes a little effort which Republicans are incapable of doing.

Family Values:

Republicans have been claiming since the 1980s to support “Family Values”, but then get behind Donald Trump? Lets see….making fun of women and their looks/weight. Saying there were good people in the KKK march in Charlottesville. Mocking some veterans such as john McCain or Gold star families. Bullying people. White supremacy posts. Multiple marriages and most likely affairs (With Ivana Trump/Marla Maples). Support both Trump and Family Values in same breath?



Republicans use to be about compassion of minorities, trying to build bridges. Maybe not as much as democrats (subjective), but it was part of their policies. Even think back in early 2000s when they Apoligized for the “southern strategegy” of the 1960s-70s. Or george bush trying to build out policies to support Hispnanices and Black Community. Or McCain in 2008, saying that while he disagreed with Obama, Obama was a decent man. Now the Republicans are about inflammatory language, polarization and have gone back to white and male division.

Defend America:

Republicans historically in strong military as part of US leading the world, but since now they say they are about America first and do not want to lead the world, why are we pouring billions into Military spending? As until 4 years ago the US was a world leader which was a recent historical Republican belief, but now we have pulled back from the world as it is about America first.

Free markets:

Republicans claim to be about capitalism and not picking winners and losers in economy. But they give billions of dollar in tax breaks to certain industries and bail out companies too. Even most recently Republicans bailed out airlines for COVID (as well as other industries) vs. letting free markets work through bankruptcy, restructuring, etc. Another example of hypocrisy in the Republican party is that Republicans completely tore into Obama for bailing out auto companies in the 2007-2009 Great Recession. But now Republicans are bailing out companies left and right and not letting free markets work?

So why do we continue to spend 15 to 20 billion in subsidies on oil and gas companies? That is not free markets.

Republicans give farmers billions of dollars in subsidies. Once again, that is not free markets.


Republicans always say they want to save coal jobs and the industry at expense of green jobs. There are 50,000 coal jobs in US. It is an immaterial number of jobs….The car company Tesla themselves has 49,000 employees, or as many employees as the entire coal industry. The Dollar Store has 3 times the number of employees as do countless other companies. Yet there are about 1 to 3 million green energy jobs. Why focus on 50,000 jobs at expense of one million+ green jobs? Once again, not only no common sense but why subsidize a “immaterial” part of US.



Drug company pricing – Republicans are considering and have talked about capping/controlling prices. That is not free markets.

Republicans are now putting significant pressure on the federal reserve (which is suppose to be independent) to lower interest rates and print money to buy treasury bonds (or buy our own countries debt…it is ludicrous). This leads to wealth inequality through inflated assets (namely stock prices) and monetize debt and printing money is the antithesis of free markets. In fact, Republicans bashed Obama administration for benefiting from low interest rates in midst of great recession. Hypocritical again.

Life and personal freedom:

Republicans are against abortion as they say they value life. But Republicans obviously don’t value the life of kids who get blasted in schools or other people who die in mass shootings.

Republicans claim to be “Pro-Life” because they condemn women who have pregnancies terminated for any reason they want, but at the same time Republicans turn a Blind eye to innocent victims of homicidal gun nuts who use guns to slaughter innocent fully developed children, adults, or any people who are already here in the world living outside of their mother’s womb!

Republicans claim that common sense background checks on people who wish to buy firearms is a violation of their second amendment rights but do not care about the rights of innocent people to not be killed by homicidal maniacs who should not be able to obtain guns. Not even as simple as putting in place a minimal gun controls, as after all it is still easier to get a gun than a driver license in most places. Think about that. You can get a gun, even a machine gun, with no effort while a driver license you need to do get licensed.

Now bring it to COVID too. Republicans apparently do not value the lives of older people, the sick, or others. As once again, Republicans can’t even do the basics of trying to contain COVID, such as the simple activity of wearing a mask. their refusal to do this puts lifes and risks, and in fact kills other people.

This pandemic has also brought out another example of Republic party speaking out of both sides of their mouth. Many republicans say they do not wear masks as they want personal freedom and don’t want the government to tell them what to do. But Republicans think they can tell women what to do with their bodies and Republican policies say that women have no personal freedom, such as health care, access to contraceptives or even abortions. What a contradiction…they want personal freedom to not wear a mask but want to take personal freedom from women to make their own decisions, such as on abortion.

Republicans will probably say abortion is killing an unborn kid (and even this is complicated). But what is not complicated is Republicans are killing multiple, innocent people and making countless others sick by not wearing a mask and not trying to help contain spread of a deadly, contagious various. Not only can one Republican who is not wearing a mask kill one person, but they can make countless others super sick/hospitalized.

In addition, Republicans want to make abortion illegal (which will just drive women to unsafe conditions like what was happening prior to Roe vs. Wade as there will about 1 million abortions occurring prior to Roe vs. Wade), but in addition Republicans want to take away birth control. So they are trying to take away even more personal freedom from women. Not only that, the policy makes zero sense. If you want to limit abortions, would it not make sense to encourage birth control, show people how to use it, etc.  That would be a common sense approach.

Also, if Republicans make abortion illegal, they still have not released a plan of what will happen when women then turn to other methods. Or are Republicans so uneducated (which stats confirm) and naive that do Republicans actually think that making something illegal (such as abortion) will stop abortions from happening? If that is their policy, even hear of drugs, prohibition, prostitution, robbery, or countless other things that are “illegal”. They still take place.

So does the party believe in personal freedom or not? Or they want to take away personal freedom and choice from women but they want to have their own personal freedom to not wear masks and kill/hospitalized people. It is so ridiculous.

The Republican party talks about diversity (at least some of them do), but look at their results, as the results show the inequality. Only 17% of Republican senators are women. 7% of Republicans in House are women. 1% of Republican senators and house are black. ~85% of Republican party is white males. So do they believe in diversity or not?


State rights:

I have always found it ironic/comical that the Republicans tend to decide what is state rights vs. federal government rights on an “ad-hoc” basis, and the Republican voters mindlessly fall for it. (subjective comment). But here are some objective examples.

COVID and school openings – The Republican government has said it is up to states to decide how to respond to COVID and”pushed” accountability to states on PPE, when/if how to reopen the economy, etc. The Republican government in effect decided to take very limited responsibility for the overall COVID response and the Republicans at the federal level pushed the accountability locally. Whether you agree or not with that approach, the hypocrisy is now the Republicans are trying to force states to open their schools. So the federal Republican led government “washed their hands of COVID response” but now are trying to force states to open schools? Hypocrisy.

There are many other examples. I think Immigrant policies is a example of hypocrisy to this policy as well. Others include offshore drilling or wind farms or debt collection practices. Whether you are agree or not, some Democratic states have more lenient policies when it comes to immigrants. Or some states want to encourage wind farms or enforce debt collection practices. But the federal government seems to push back in those cases. So what is state rights vs. federal rights? Do Republicans decide on an arbitrary or random basis?


Bottom Line

I can go on and on. I most likely will add to this post later as well. What is so strange is so few people even question the discrepancies, lack of factual data for Republican policies, and hypocrisy in the Republican party. It seems so many people just mindlessly follow and say they are “Republican” or “Conservative” without even knowing the facts, policies issues.

At this point in time I am not even sure what many core Republican beliefs are…other than white male power and anger of white male men (subjective)? I actually think Republicans leadership, and messaging, is about racism, sexism, and manipulation/repetition. I think if they keep repeating the same messaging, keep people from knowing facts and data, I think Republicans have discovered that it can be easy to manipulate and “control” the under or uneducated people in America. It is truly sad.

Now on the other hand, whether you agree or not with their policies, at least the Democrats say they want to raise taxes and social spending and are not focused on fiscal constraint. At least Democrats have a health insurance plan, whether you lie it or not. At least Democrats say they want to invest in green energy jobs. At least Democrats talk about diversity AND show diversity in the make up of their party. At least the Democrats try to and often do make sacrifices and are willing to pay for higher taxes, increased taxes to pay for wars, and wear masks to protect the vulnerable.

Democrats are “much more” honest on the issue and NOT hypocritical or trying to deceive America like the Republican party. And think about this, the fact that educated, financially successful people (as show by the data above) all lean towards the Democratic party, even though those individuals KNOW they will pay more in taxes. That is shocking to me, but very telling it it a great data point that shows how messed up the Republican party in that educated Americans are willing to take a financial “hit” in order to support Democratic policies.

Note that back in the early 2000s (and even in mid 2000s with Mcain), the party was more about compassion and trying to bring people together. Remember McCain defending Obama’s character? McCain saying while he disagreed with Obama’s policies, Obama was a decent man? Could you ever see that happening today with Republicans….now, The republican part is about division, racism, polarization…and what exactly are their policies?

In the early 2000s, that is when Republicans even admitted and apologized for the “Southern Strategy” in trying to appeal to white Supremacy and racism as well as racial polarization. Back in early 2000s Republicans also look into thoughtful immigration solutions and had outreach to Hispanics and really minorities across the board. There policies were also more transparent such as pro-business and pro-tax cuts…but now their policies are one way but they try to manipulate people and say they are something else. Plus now the party has doubled or tripled down on white vote with racial division.

The party is and has fallen apart. Look at the results of their policies…poverty and unhealthy populations. And Republicans will be wiped out this fall. I hope when that happens they can find a new baseline that involves pro-business as well as self-sacrifice/personal responsibility, and focus om something other than white angry men.


Jon McNamara is the CEO of needhelppayingbills.com, a company that he started in 2008 and that specializes in helping low income families as well as those who are in a financial hardship. He also found NHPB LLC, a company committed to helping the less fortunate. Jon and his team also provide free financial advice to help people learn about as well as manage their money. Every piece of content on this website has been reviewed by him before publishing and many of the articles he has personally written. Jon is the leading author for needhelppayingbils.

One thought on “Poorest and fattest states are Republican lead states

  • July 7, 2021 at 9:16 am

    In your article, I did not see an adjustment for cost of living. Did you figure cost of living into the richest and poorest configuration of the states. What I make in California is barely enough for me to live here, but if I took that same wage into Texas or Florida I would have greater buying power and be wealthier then I am here. If you were to figure that in, I wonder if your answer about the poorest states being Republican would still hold true. I suspect it would be more equal.


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