St. Clair County Illinois Catholic Charities assistance programs.

Catholic Charities works with the less fortunate and low income in East Saint Louis as well as St. Clair, Alexander, and Pulaski County. The organization will try to provide food, clothing, homeless prevention services, job training and other support to families in the community. Examples of their assistance programs can be found below.

St. Vincent de Paul Society works with Catholic Urban Programs in order to help minimize the suffering of senior citizens, the poor, the elderly, unemployed, and the homeless in East St. Louis, Illinois. Some of what is offered includes free emergency food, shelter, and financial assistance. They also offer case management and advocacy services. The agency has also tried to continue to increase the number and depth of their services as the economy has weakened. To learn more about the assistance programs offered, call Catholic Urban Programs. They operate out of an office at #7 Vieux Carre Drive, East St. Louis, Illinois 62203. Dial 618-398-5616.

Holy Angels Shelter, provide short term housing and shelter for women, women with children, and intact families. Men can also be housed in portions of the site as well. Homeless or recently evicted families can stay there, and get out of the cold winter or hot summer months. Food, a hot meal, and other support may be provided too.

The Family Center was created by Diocese of Belleville as well as the Family Center of Catholic Urban Programs. This is a social service, charity agency that provides a comprehensive support system and assistance programs for low income families residing in East St. Louis, IL. Programs and resources offered are individualized to meet family needs and include assistance in addressing medical needs, education, personal development, job training, assistance with housing, employment opportunities, and other basic needs and life essentials.

DayStar Community Program offers food and other support. The center responds to the needs of people from all religions, faiths and income levels residing in Pulaski and Alexander counties in Southern Illinois. The Catholic Charity DayStar program provides services such as Outreach Program, Madeline’s Mart, Food Pantry, The Kitchen Table, and other special programs.





-The Catholic Charity Outreach Program provides on-going, short-term assistance to families and persons in need. Assistance may include financial help, funds for paying utilities and heating bills, assistance with rent, prescription medicines, and transportation. Case managers can also provide counseling and advocacy where applicable.

-Madeline’s Mart offers household items and clothing to low income families and children in need of help. While some items are free, others may be sold at a nominal price for families or others who stop by.

-Catholic Charity Food Pantry – The center provides groceries and supplements for families or individuals who are in need of groceries or food.

-The Kitchen Table is a free hot meal site or soup kitchen that supplements families in need of perishable items, free food, groceries, and a nourishing meal.

-Special Programs, including seasonal, are offered too. For example, call Catholic Charities for information on free Thanksgiving or Christmas Day meals. These can be delivered to seniors, the homebound and handicapped individuals who have no family or no place to spend the holiday. The Christmas Program is designed for families and children who are less fortunate. The DayStar program also provides toys, gift certificates, food baskets and more when available, with a focus on Christmas aid.

Call the Daystar Community Programs, 909 Washington Street, Cairo, Illinois 62914, at 618-734-0178.

St. Vincent de Paul Society Diocese of Belleville and Catholic Charities can provide outreach services to the working poor, sick, aged imprisoned, etc. This includes limited amounts of financial assistance for bills, rent, and emergencies. Other services include thrift stores and charitable collections. Another option is to stop by and use the local food pantry, Cosgrove's Kitchen (soup kitchen) and a traveling soup bus.





St. John's Daycare and Preschool Center is for children up to 12 years of age. The program is offered at a low cost, and is a welcoming, nurturing environment that encourages growth of child and helps students. Get help physically, socially and intellectually.

An Employment Program is offered from Senior Community Service. Older adults over 55 can get help in finding a job. The Catholic Charities Senior Aides Program provides low-income persons, age 55 and over, and the opportunity to access job training, prepare for work and return to the labor force. Qualified seniors and older adults can receive free job search assistance, employment preparation, access to Illinois senior programs and a paid public service assignment that provides on-the-job training and experience to seniors. Those who move on to the work force reduce the use of welfare programs and supplement the tax role.

Other employment services are offered as part of the Job Advantage Program. This program will evaluates and prepares unemployed persons and individual who are receiving Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF), and it can help them with job placement services.

Call Catholic Charities of Illinois, 8601 West Main St., Belleville, IL 62223, at 618-398-5616 for more information on these services.








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