Earn cash back on your everyday purchases

You can earn 3% to 15% CashBack Bonus on everyday purchases simply by linking to a retailer of your choice through a third party site. The service is free and takes no more than two minutes to set up. Basically you get paid just for shopping through another website. It is a quick and simple way to save up to 15% on your everyday bills.

All you need to do is log onto one of these sites, register for free, and then proceed to shop for any products you would normally buy. Companies such as CashCrate, TreasureTroope, ExtraRebates and InboxDollars all offer the service. The amount you can earn as a free rebate is unlimited, and you can use the service as much as you want. Another bonus is that there are no enrollment or promotion codes to remember, and no cost to register or use the sites.

These online companies partner with national retailers to offer you rebates (3-15% or more) every time you shop online. They have been partnering with retailers for many years and millions of consumers have benefited from their services. In addition, they will also pay you for testing products or services.

Exactly how do online retailers help me save money on bills

For example, if you shop using CashCrate or TreasureTrooper, you will receive a percentage of your purchase back as a cash rebate. Just a few examples of the stores and rebates offered are below. It works, as we use it frequently, and the service is  free! You just need to register with the sites, simply use their shopping tool, click on a store, purchase an item, and watch your account for the rebate!

After you sign up for these sites, we suggest visiting their forums to see how real people are making (and saving) cash, or feel free to send us an email anytime at the “Contact” at the bottom of this page and we can give you tips. Also, to earn the highest rebates and save the most money, be sure to take advantage of the free offers that are available on the sites. If you put the time in, people can make a few hundred dollars per month, and ABC News wrote a feature article about this money making opportunity.

You can shop at hundreds of name brand national and local retailers and receive cash rebates from these retailers that can help you save on your bills. So if you spend $100 per week at Wal-Mart for food, supplies, etc., you will save $5 per week, or $260 per year. Saving that amount of money, combined with other actions you can take to save on bills, and it really starts to add up.





We have been using this service for a while and it is an easy way to save. Think about it as shopping that you are going to do already, so why not get paid (cashback) for the shopping. While some of these sites are market research or survey sites, you do not need to use that feature if you are not interested in that.

Then what we do is I shop at these sites with a credit card that offers cash rebates. Personally, we use the Chase Freedom credit card (but there are other options) and we get an additional 1-3% cash rebate from Chase on all purchases we make. Once again, it is shopping that we are already doing, so we get rebates for shopping from both my credit card and from these rebate sites. So when we shop at most retailers, we can very easily save a total of over 5% to almost 20% (or more) on everyday bills, as we get rebates from both the credit card and from the online sites. Find other ways to save on your shopping.

Other sites with similar arrangements and deals include InboxDollars, Fusioncash, SendEarnings, and SquishyCash. They all have different retailers and deals available, so you need to review them all, or better yet, even sign up for all of them for the most options and highest savings. They even have many other offers and coupons. Just a couple examples of the many other deals out there include you can receive $40 for signing up with Discover Credit Card, $15 for joining Newflix online, save $8 on an Entertainment book, etc. Note the deals we constantly change, you shoppers need to check back for the latest.




Examples of online rebates and websites

Below are just a few examples of the many deals, cash rebates and retailers available online. There are many others.

So what consumers need to do is register, for free, at any of the companies mentioned above, such as Inbox Dollars, ExtraRebates or Extrabux. Then before you do your shopping, just log on to the online site and link to the retailer from there. It is very easy to save money by taking this approach.

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