Find free legal assistance and advice in Ohio.

Depending on where you live in Ohio, there are several different non-profit organizations that can provide free legal advice and representation. Many low and moderate income families are concerned about legal problems that may interfere with their ability to provide for their basic needs. If you can’t afford your own attorney, you can turn to these organizations for services. Some of what they offer can include helping to save your home from foreclosure, provide help from illegal debt collection practices, advice for economic security and assistance, and you can use a lawyer to get assistance and protection from abuse. Applicants of course need to be qualified based upon income.

The programs are funded by both the federal government as well as private donations. All of the law firms and lawyers that work for them provide high-quality, free civil legal services. They are dedicated to providing information, legal advice, and can even represent clients. Learn more about the programs and the agencies here.

Clients can get advice in all legal, civil law matters such as:

  • Foreclosure assistance, counseling, and even advice on how to deal with predatory lending and mortgages. Learn more on Ohio free legal foreclosure assistance programs.
  • Bankruptcy - Attorneys can guide you through the process and provide support.
  • Domestic violence, including stalking and support and filing for protection orders.
  • Clearing a criminal record for a client.
  • Economic and financial assistance for matters such as consumer fraud, car repossession, debt relief, credit card lawsuits, home repair scams, and contract disputes.
  • Education issues including discrimination, student enrollment or suspension, advice of student loan programs, and other special services.
  • Predatory lending. For example, legal advice that can help with payday lenders or illegal debt collection practices.
  • Employment problems and unemployment benefits.
  • Family Law, including child support and divorce.





  • Landlord/tenant disputes, including ways to prevent an eviction, home and apartment repair issues, and illegal housing units.
  • Health care access, including government programs such as Medicare, Medicaid, social security, and others.
  • Welfare and food assistance.
  • Public benefits, including Medicaid, Social Security/SSI, and programs that the state of Ohio administers.

Providing support for housing issues, and reducing homelessness, is a major focus. Too many families in Ohio face evictions or foreclosure and they need advice in how to proceed. Free legal aid may be offered to assist with preventing evictions, addressing foreclosure notices, or stopping utility disconnections. All of those can lead to homelessness. The law firms can also help with other civil cases such as Landlord/Tenant mediations and eviction. Or get help in applying for, or understanding your obligations when it comes to Public or Federally Subsidized Housing. Other services can help clients with Utility Shut notices and landlord Code Enforcement issues.

Legal programs can also help the less fortunate, including seniors. Thousands of elderly, lower income residents receive advice on the needs that are unique to them. Get help in dealing with nursing home issues, filing for Medicaid/Medicare, Powers of Attorney, and receive assistance is complete a simple will.

The Ohio Military / Veterans Legal Assistance Project is more unique to the state. A non-profit group runs it, and they work to connect low-income military personnel and their families to volunteer lawyers. The support and legal aid they provide will be done so at no cost to the clients. This is a great resource for those that have served our country. Call 1-877-759-6182 for details.

Locations of pro-bono law firms in Ohio

The organizations below may be able to give free legal help without attorney fees to people with lower incomes and limited asset and savings. Call for information or to apply for aid.





Legal Aid of Western Ohio, Inc. has attorneys and others on staff who provide free legal information, advice, counsel, and referrals to eligible low and moderate income residents of northwest and west central Ohio. They can be reached at (888) 534-1432.

Free legal assistance in Cleveland Ohio - Qualified individuals can turn to the Legal Aid Society of Cleveland for support. They can be reached at 216-687-1900 to make an appointment or learn more. A few examples of what is provided includes legal help to stop evictions and homelessness, they operate a government benefits unit, and much more. More information.

Cincinnati - Families and individuals who live in Brown, Butler, Clermont, Clinton, Hamilton, Highland, and Warren Counties are eligible for free legal assistance. The Legal Aid Society of Greater Cincinnati is the law firm that provides this service in the area. They can be reached at 1-800-582-2682.

Central and Northeast Ohio - Community Legal Aid (1-800-998-9454) provides lawyers that provide free legal services to families in this area. They are committed to providing free legal advice, counsel, information and representation to low and moderate income people in the area.

Columbus area - Legal aid Society provides support to the counties of Franklin, Marion, Delaware, Union, and others. Civil matters, ranging from housing programs to a Low Income Taxpayer Clinic, mediation, and a Public Benefits team are all available. Locate free advice from Legal Aid Society.








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