Salvation Army New York City emergency financial assistance.

Residents of New York City who need help meeting their basic needs can look into the Salvation Army Emergency Services program. This non-profit organization assists tens of thousands of low income families and individuals every year.

Many families are faced with a hardship from time to time, and the Salvation Army is one of the nation’s leading organizations that can provide help, hope, and occasionally financial assistance. New York City centers and the Emergency Services program can provide food and groceries, rent and/or mortgage help, and emergency assistance with paying utility bills, among other services. Oftentimes the aid they offer can make the difference between an individual going homeless, hungry, or someone getting a second chance.

Many people who contact the Salvation Army have never asked for help in the past. Maybe someone has had a reduction in work hours, missed a paycheck or two, has experienced a recent divorce, or has an illness or medical condition. Programs and financial support can prevent someone from sliding into homelessness.

Emergency Services have helped bring thousands of people advance from lives of despair to lives of hope and dignity, it has kept hundreds of people off the streets, and tens of thousands receive food, especially around the holidays.

Emergency services offered by NYC Salvation Army

The exact types, numbers, and funding for programs will vary by center. Some of what is offered includes:

  • Many Corp centers distribute food packages, free meals and grocery vouchers through food pantries.
  • Soup kitchens are offered at over 20 locations.
  • Financial assistance can be used to pay rent and mortgages. Almost 30 locations provide this type of housing assistance.
  • Utilities – This can include heating bills, water, and cooling bills. Free fans may be distributed during the summer.
  • Referrals and information – Social workers and Salvation Army Corp officers are dedicated to helping New York City residents. Oftentimes the case manager will refer clients to outside agencies or government programs that can help them pay their bills or access public aid.





Many of these Emergency Services programs are great tools for offering financial assistance with bills, rent and basic needs. They can serve as key supplement to the low income, unemployed and needy. Services are especially in demand at the end of the month when food stamps, unemployment checks and social security checks come up short.

Transitional housing and homeless services are available. The Salvation Army operates several homeless shelters around NYC and the various boroughs. Some of the specific resources include family residences and veterans’ shelters. A MICA shelter is also offered for men diagnosed as both chemically addicted and mentally ill. A short term transitional housing, shelter and assessment program is also available for homeless women.

Education, specifically English as a Second Language (ESL) and job training classes, are provided by the Salvation Army in New York City. There are a total of four ESL programs that are located in the region, and operate in the Staten Island and Queens area. Students leverage their skills and what they learn to hopefully gain higher paying jobs.

Other general continuing education classes may also be provided. These can include computer classes as well as high school diploma equivalency classes (GEDs) that are held at many of the Salvation Army community centers. Sessions can also hopefully lead to individuals acquiring new skills and a higher salary.

A focus is also on seniors in the city. Many older residents are living on a fixed income, and struggle with paying their bills, housing, and health care costs. The centers can help people deal with the loneliness of living without a companion, and hopefully help access programs that can provide for their families.

Brooklyn Salvation Army centers

  • Bay Ridge, 252 86th St. 11209, 718-238-2991
  • Bedford Temple, 601 Lafayette Ave. 11216, call 718-622-0614
  • Brownsville, 280 Riverdale Ave. 11212, 718-345-7050
  • Bushwick, 1151 Bushwick Ave. 11221, main phone number 718-455-4102
  • Sunset Park, 520 50th St. 11220, 718-438-1771





Bronx area locations

  • Bronx Citadel, 425 East 159th St. 10451, telephone 718-665-8472
  • Bronx Tremont, 2121 Washington Ave. 10457, 718-584-6250
  • Manhattan Chinatown, 225 Bowery 10002, 212-477-3719
  • Harlem Temple, 540 Lenox Ave. 10037, dial 212-862-3900
  • Manhattan Citadel, 175 East 125th St. 10035, 212-860-3200
  • New York Temple, 132-136 West 14th St. 10011, 212-242-7770
  • Times Square, 315 West 47th St. 10036 , 212-975-9988


  • Astoria, 45-18 Broadway 11103, call 718-721-9046 for information
  • Flushing, 142-50 32nd Ave. 11354, 718-762-9613
  • Jamaica Citadel, 90-23 161st St. 11432, phone number 718-297-4860
  • Queens Temple, 86-07 35th Ave. 11372, 718-335-3693
  • Ridgewood Citadel, 69-23 Cypress Hills St. 11385, 718-497-4356

Salvation Army Family Services and locations in Staten Island

  • Port Richmond, 1295 Forest Ave. 10302, 718-442-2145
  • Stapleton, 15 Broad St. 10304, dial 718-448-8480








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