Mortgage counselors can help you with paying and refinancing your mortgage.

Mortgage counselors serve many roles for homeowners. They can help borrowers find a way to get current on any outstanding mortgage payments and bills, help with owners finances, help modify a mortgage, and also, if needed, explain how the foreclosure process works. Mortgage counselors will also work with creditors, banks and lenders to try to come up with a solution, including refinancing, for homeowners that will help them with paying their mortgage, home loan and any other debts.

Counselors have numerous roles to meet. They include good listening, negotiation, being advocates for the homeowner, and also the ability to analyze sometimes complex financial situations. Many times they deal with scared, angry, and frustrated homeowners who may be ashamed and confused about their current situations. These homeowners may often times be embarrassed to be asking for help with paying bills and their mortgage. That being said, the many borrowers who are helped are extremely thankful to their counselor for their assistance and pointing them in the right direction.

Many of the issues mortgage counselors deal with have been caused by shady lending practices or financially inexperienced homeowners that got in way over their heads because they were deceived or maybe didn’t understand the terms of their mortgage loan. Many others homeowners were sweet-talked into signing by these unscrupulous banks or lenders who only cared about their commission and closing the deal.

The variety and type of troubled homeowners notwithstanding, mortgage counselors have very difficult jobs that demand diplomacy, tact, and professionalism under a wide range of circumstances. And most counselors got into the counseling business out of a real desire to help people deal with this nationwide problem. Make sure you conduct research to ensure you use a mortgage counselor who is qualified to get help with paying your mortgage and bills.

In addition to mortgage counselors helping people keep their homes and deal with mortgage troubles, there are various ways to get help with other debt, such as credit cards and more. Learn about how to get help with debt and also get information on debt settlement. More.





Mortgage counselors give advice on government programs

Counselors are also up to date on the numerous federal and state government mortgage and foreclosure programs that are available to homeowners across the country. There are options that can help people avoid a foreclosure, get a loan modification, and help them refinance and alter a loan.

  • Many states also offer mediation programs, and a counselor can help facilitate that process. Mediation involves finding a solution that works for both the lender and homeowner, and it uses a neutral third party to negotiate. Read more.
  • While some of the government programs have been slow to ramp up, the fact is that the total number is increasing, and that hundreds of thousands of people are getting assistance from them. Some of the other options include FHA foreclosure programs, and various options and state government mortgage programs.

Locate a non-profit housing counselor

Counselors are located in many counties and cities throughout the nation. There are more than likely credit and housing counseling agencies, many of which are HUD certified, in your area. Click here to find counselors and programs in your county. Some offer free advice, or may charge a client minimal fees for their services.

If you are struggling in the current economic environment, the more options that you have for aid the better. The bottom line is that a housing or mortgage counselor is a great resource for people to take advantage of. And many of the services they offer are free to homeowners.








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