Help from Monterey County St. Vincent de Paul programs.

People facing a crisis, and that also meet low income limits, can turn to churches that are part of Monterey County St. Vincent de Paul. Basic needs, such as food and housing are addressed. This is mostly possible due to government grants and private donations. Other resources are also available in the Salinas, and Monterey County St. Vincent de Paul will help address them. It ranges from job placement to basic medical care, namely prescription medications.

When applying for help, applicants will need supporting documentation of their hardship. They should bring information such as proof of all income and a list of all monthly expenses. ID as well as information on savings, insurance cards, and residency documentation or just a few other examples of what may be needed.

Vouchers and grants for bills

Monterey County Society of St. Vincent de Paul provides financial aid for qualified individuals. The vouchers can be used for everything from housing expenses to other critical bills. The funds are a last resort, and applicants need to have applied for other government and private sources first. An interview with a case manager is required.

When it comes to medications, the patient can't have health insurance and also meet income limits. A priority is for life sustaining prescription drugs. Vouchers will be issued to a local pharmacy in Monterey or northern California, which provides prescriptions either for free or at a reduced rate. The non-profit also takes advantage of all of the various free prescription programs from various pharmaceutical companies.

The church pantry may have canned goods, meats, fresh, milk and frozen products to be passed out. Other material items for distribution by Monterey County St. Vincent de Paul include toiletries and cleaning supplies. These are offered to dozens of individuals and families each month.

This food assistance has a side benefit it that it helps people who are struggling to pay bills and put food on the table at the same time. Receiving bags of free groceries to use for preparing a meal can free up money to pay the rent or a utility bill. This will relieve a short-term budget crunch, however clients are only allowed one free food box per month.




Please remember that donations of pantry items or surplus food items are always welcome by the local churches. While surplus USDA items do help, more is always needed. While the goal of the St. Vincent de Paul pantry is to solve a short term hardship as the boxes are only meant as a supplement until low income families are able to secure SNAP food stamps or some other form of aid.

Monterey County St. Vincent de Paul provides important services for residents faced with evictions or foreclosure. There is also support for people currently experiencing homelessness and near homelessness. The non-profit will arrange for Shelter/Emergency Support Services, foreclosure counseling, grants for rental expenses, or utility bill help. Monterey County Society of Saint Vincent de Paul is a leader in preventing homelessness, and they work with others such as the Continuum of Care to make this happen. If needed, there can be support to help relocate tenants whom are displaced due to no fault of their own.

There may be limited HUD funded rental assistance, as well as referrals to section 8 in the state of California.  Many households benefiting from a voucher are comprised of people with a very low income, or maybe a disability such as a mental health diagnosis.

PHAs in Monterey County follow a housing first model as part of this process. This means they will only issue tenant-based vouchers and discharge in the most extreme cases, but they will try to offer tenants some form of assistance. This is only possible if resources are available and the waiting list for section 8 has been worked through.

The staff from Saint Vincent also serves as the facilitator of the various statewide benefits. So matter what type of assistance is requested, applicants will need to telephone the churches when they need help to see if funds are offered. A more extensive review of the situation will also occur as part of the application process.





Monterey County St. Vincent de Paul education and support services

The Intake Department at each church will help people explore the financial support above, and it was also designed to facilitate an environment for long term stability. The screening specialist meets with potential applicants to understand their situation. The process will involve them gathering some basic information and offer some suggestions as to what resources, whether government or private, might meet individual client needs.

Based on the results of that, the agency will assist with resume creations. This can include access to computers for applying on-line, or tips on cover letters and even interview thank you letters. Saint Vincent will coordinate case by case employment assessments, mock interviews, professional work clothing from dress for success or personal hygiene, and more. Staff also assist with job search, placements, job retention and follow-up.

St. Vincent de Paul of Monterey County Self-Sufficiency will give clients a helping hand as well as free advice while they are trying to get back on their feet. Clients that qualify for this service if they have the ability and desire to become self-sufficient over the mid to long term.

This touches upon many topics. One critical requirement is that participants are expected to obtain/maintain permanent full-time employment. They also need to meet with the Job Developer at least once per week. If they do that, then they will be offered Comprehensive Community Support Services, in addition to the job development services above or the financial aid for their bills.

There are multiple churches that are part of Saint Vincent. The locations of the pantries are 146 8th Street, Pacific Grove, California, 93950 as well as 1475 La Salle, Seaside, CA 93955. The crisis phone number is (831) 722-3250.







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