Grants for paying bills from Net Wish.

A non-profit organization known as Net Wish was created by a successful businessman to help the less fortunate among us pay their bills and emergency expenses. Free financial aid and cash grants may be provided to families with children, older adults and other vulnerable people who are facing a short term financial hardship. The program and money is free to qualified applicants.

The non-profit realizes that many hardworking American families are currently struggling to make ends meet in this challenging economy. Many people need some short term help for bills and basic needs. The Net Wish organization will focus on those people who, through no fault of their own, find themselves in serious financial trouble and who are struggling to pay their bills and pay for basic everyday living expenses.

The Net Wish non-profit is not a standard charity organization or non-profit. It was created by an individual who does not want publicity and who wants to stay anonymous. The person and this charity is highly motivated to assist the less fortunate, with a focus on seniors and children, who are struggling. A number of grant programs are provided from the organization to help individuals pay so called critical expenses. There is no tax benefit to the organization.

Traditional non-profit agencies may have more “red-tape” that they need to deal with. The non-profit Net Wish can work through this barrier, and they remove the red tape of those traditional charities and non-profit organizations. They can do this by using the power of the Internet to provide free immediate money, grants and direct assistance to low income and struggling individuals and families who need some short term help with bills. Note that the money is not paid to the applicant, but it is offered directly to the company who is owed the outstanding bills. So funds are paid directly to your landlord, utility company, medical provider, etc.

Conditions and criteria for grants from New Wish

They take each request at face value, but will review each application and may follow up or verify information. Upon thorough and careful review of the request, the non-profit Net Wish will award the applicant with a grant for free financial assistance and money. Funds are provided to applicants who successfully demonstrate a need for help. The applicant needs to be specific when requesting a wish. The maximum request for support is $500. However on very rare occasions an exception could be made.





No cash payments will be issued to the applying individuals. Instead the Net Wish non-profit will issue gift certificates or grants. Or they pay your bills and expenses directly. A representative may need to contact you for additional information on your request or for more details on your outstanding bills or debts. They will only pay people who have successfully demonstrated a need for help, and all of this is done upon careful review of their request.

Your application and all information provided to Net Wish will be kept strictly confidential. The more detailed and the more specific the request for assistance the better chance of receiving a helping hand from the organization. Also keep in mind that the non-profit relies on the honesty of the applicants. Applications will be closely reviewed, and fraudulent applications will be rejected and further action could be taken. Those fraudulent applications will also take help away from people who honestly need a cash grant to make it through a difficult period, so do not cheat the system.

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