Bowie County assistance programs.

Texarkana Friendship Center offers rent, utility bill and other payment assistance as well as a mass feeding and humanitarian services for the needy and low income in the area. Dial (903)792-1301.

Randy Sams Outreach Shelters ((903)792-7024) offers electric bill payment assistance for those who are not  receiving any federal government assistance. They also offer Homelessness Prevention and Homeless Assistance, help with prescription medication, counseling, and other forms of aid.

Community Services of Northeast Texas, Inc. is the local Bowie County Texas community action agency. They run a host of government and private assistance programs, including the following.

  • Emergency Food and Shelter Program (EFSP) is a program that will assist low to moderate income households in a crisis or emergency situation, and it will help people prevent being evicted from their homes,  apartment, having their utilities cutoff and provides food vouchers and groceries. Some clients may even be issued loans for housing or rental costs.
  • Utility Bill Help from Comprehensive Energy Assistance Program (CEAP) is a service that will assist low income and elderly households with paying their energy bills and providing for home energy needs. Priority for this utility assistance is given to low-income, elderly/disabled, and families with children under the age of six, the elderly, and the working poor.
  • Community Services Block Grant (CSBG) is a fund that allows CSNT, Inc. to case manage clients and applicants of the agency to transition them out of poverty. CSBG funds provide assistance, both financial and counseling, with services that are supported with donated funds or goods, which include free fans, coat, food, groceries, and school supply drives.
  • The center, known as CSNT, can also provide for other basic needs. For example, Bowie families can receive free food from a pantry. There are also home repairs provided along with federal programs such as weatherization.
  • Employment programs are also a focus. Case managers from the agency will work with the under and unemployed to provide them guidance.

Call the Community Services of Northeast Texas, Inc. at (903) 756-5596. Or find financial aid from Community Services of Northeast Texas.





Bowie County area churches can sometimes provide emergency help. They usually focus on basic needs, such as serving a hot meal or clothing item. Volunteers may also help provide Christmas or school assistance. As far as financial aid, there may be referrals to housing programs such as for rent or energy bills. Some New Boston area locations also may have vouchers for medications. Read more.

Foreclosure and mortgage assistance

Consumer Credit Counseling Services of Texarkana offers numerous types of counseling for both mortgage and debt issues. The non-profit agency will provide face-to-face credit, mortgage and debt counseling, both in person and by phone. Also, budgeting and debt management programs and plans are offered. Dial (903)794-1263. Click here for additional debt programs.

Low income health and medicare care

Texarkana-Bowie County Health Clinic is a local facility that provides family planning, medical and health care, immunizations, screening and treatment of sexually transmitted diseases, general medical advice, tuberculosis testing, and provides residents with access to the Women, Infant and Children WIC nutrition program. Call (903)798-3250.








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