Medical and personal issues

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Medical and personal issues

Postby PaulineK » Thu Dec 06, 2018 12:12 pm

Due to some unexpected medical and personal issues, I had to divert my utility payments. I also need money for my farm animals - I have been able to extend the majority of utility bills until December 28 when my Social Security check will be deposited, however, electric is scheduled for cutoff December 14, 08:30 am - the bill was $312.22.
I've paid $100, but need $212.22 to prevent cutoff - I've tried all the local contacts and can't find anything that can help in time. I'm 70 and support my daughter and 3 grandchildren - my income (Social Security & Military pension) is $2800/month so the budget is always tight, but doable unless unexpected medical or other immediate needs arise, so this is really a one-time request.
I have a few chickens to help with eggs and a small garden, but the lawn tractor has a broken drive belt ($60 + labor) so I'm trying to save for that too. I should be receiving a 20% combat related VA disability ($270/month) starting in about 90 days, but that really doesn't help now, yet it will help prevent future emergencies like this. I really need help, even a referral - Wado (many thanks).

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