2018 school supply drives, volunteers and fundraisers

I think it is inexcusable when a child is ready to start a new school year and they do not have the school supplies they need. I know stories of kids, including one told to me this year, who were lacking during the year and some who even get bullied as a result. Children should not go without due to the financial struggles, or neglect, of their parents. The 2018 year will be kicking off in some parts of the country soon (as some schools are year round and/or start in the summer), but for the vast majority of kids they will be going back in the fall.

Now is the time to give back and donate to a school drive. Students need all sorts of free supplies, including clothing, pens, pencils, bookbags, jackets, shoes, belts, uniforms, and so much more. Or just donate extra funds to an organization. There are all sorts of organizations that collect items, ranging from churches to charities. Find a list of places for free school supplies, and they all need donations and/or volunteers to help the programs work. Kids should never need to struggle (or be lacking in opportunities) due to their parents struggle.

Having new school supplies (or clothes) is not only important to help the student learn. But it can also help them build confidence. Maybe a kid who wears the same clothes (or older clothes) is more susceptible to bullying. I know of someone who had to wear the same uniform to school everyday when she was a kid. When this happens, kids can be picked on as a result of that. My mom struggled each year to buy me and my siblings new items, and she shopped around at all the discount stores and outlets among other places. And we never had “new” clothes each year…but maybe a couple items to “freshen up” our wardrobe.

Donate for the 2018 school year

Well, now is the time to make a difference for the upcoming 2018 school year. Donate, give back to these kids so they do not need to go without. Make a difference for that kid who is embarrassed to go to school with old clothes, and who can be picked on as a result. Buy or donate so they can have some clothing or informs.

Help that student that really wants to learn and grow, who wants to strive to be the best they can be. But maybe one of the things that is holding them back is they are missing the critical school supplies they need. Maybe they do not have a backpack to carry their books. Or they need some equipment to do match, such as a compass. Or maybe they just want a few extra books to read. If you can, electronics, tablets, computers, and more are needed too.

Give money, extra funds, or items to a local charity or donation service in 2018. Contribute some of the key learning supplies so the student can grow, learn, get better grades, and become the best student they can. Help the youth in this country so they can be the best they can!

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