Over 58,000 people live in shelters in New York City

Since Mayor Bill de Blasio has come into office, there has been an increase in the number of homeless in New York City. The total levels stands at about 58,000, which is an increase of some 5,000 over the last couple years. Not only that in itself concerning, but a close look of the most recent data from 2016 shows that almost 70% of people living in the shelter system have children.

Five cities with highest black poverty rates

There are five cities in the United States in which the poverty rates of blacks living in the metropolitan area exceeds 50%. This rate is about 3 times more than the average rates across the nation. Not only that, but these five metropolitan areas actually have a higher percentage of African American living in poverty than in 2009, which is when the recession officially ended. So the problem is becoming even worse.