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Hurricane evacuations

As I am sure readers see, too many people do not evacuate before a hurricane hits even though authorities warn everyone well in advance. Being with my mom in Myrtle Beach at this time of Hurricane Florence, with all the loss of power, flooding, destruction, loss of life, and worse in the nearby region, I am always astounded when people do not leave. I will need to add more to this post later when I have more time, access to internet, and power, but I think it is unfortunate.

Sadly I saw this firsthand during Florence. My mom refused to evacuate. Her reasons were many of her neighbors were staying, and she wanted to be close in case her house was damaged. But my family and I tried to use logic, asking her if her house flooded, what could she do? Bail out the water to save her “possessions”. If the roof blew off her house, what could she do? Fix it during a windstorm? That is if she survived it. She is lucky I live fairly close and can stay with her, visit, and or go back and forth.

It is sad how people lose perspective. I guess some people think their “material” possessions are worth risking their life over. Those who stay are also are very selfish as they put first responders lives at risk if they need to respond to try to save them.

I completely see and understand how some people can’t evacuate. Maybe they are low income to middle income and have no money to get a hotel room as they have no emergency fund (like most Americans) Or they have no family or friends to take them in, no transportation, no money, or some other hardship like a disability, age, or medical issue. It is very unfortunate, scary, and sad to see that. I wish everyone had the means to leave in advance of a storm, such as Hurricane Florence.

But for those that have the means to leave, and they do not evacuate, it is often sad. They all too often are selfish, stubborn, and have the wrong priorities in life.

Please listen to authorities if a Hurricane is heading your way. Go to a shelter. Go to friend or family. Get a room. Your material possessions are not as important as your life, or that of a first responder.


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