Free Christmas Activities For Low-Income Families

If you are struggling, there are a number of free Christmas activities that you and your family can do. Having a low income, being unemployed, or living on disability or a strict budget should never be a reason for not having a wonderful holiday season.

Christmas has always been a traditional time for family, giving and sharing which can be costly if you are on a budget or trying to make ends meet. However, there are many inexpensive things families can to have a wonderful holiday season. Below are some fun and creative ways to keep the Christmas magic in your family.

Games: Christmas games are a great way to bond with family. According to various research studies, doing family activities like having a dinner together and playing games have been shown to increase kids performance at school.

There are many benefits to this activity. Children are energetic and curious and want to learn. Scavenger hunt games that involve clues and hiding presents would be a fun and exciting Christmas game activity, and those can be done for free. Christmas carol games, board games, and musical chairs are also fun Christmas activities that kids would love.

Christmas Lights: Go on a holiday light tour. Walk or drive your kids around the neighborhood to look at Christmas lights display. There is no cost to do this (if you walk) and only a small expense if you drive. This is a fun Christmas activity, and your kids can judge which homes have the “best lights,” and they can decide on a winner.

Christmas Movies: Spend the day watching Christmas movies on your already paid for TV service. Or get a show at a local library. Many subscription services like Netflix, HBO, and Amazon prime offers on-demand Christmas movies. Or try a free local network station, such as ABC, NBC, or CBS. Below are some Christmas movies suggestions that can also be rented for free at your local library.

It’s A Wonderful Life (1946): This movie is a bit old but has a powerful message for those struggling. George Bailey is the main character who is facing financial difficulties. He soon wishes he was never born and was considering suicide. His wish was granted by an angel and he soon realizes that his life has changed and impacted many lives around him and people would be different if he was never there.

Surviving Christmas (2003):This is a funny Christmas comedy movie about a young millionaire who paid a family to spend Christmas with him.

Jack Frost (1998): This heartwarming movie is about a young boy trying to cope with the death of his father. He befriended a snowman that turns out to be his reincarnated father.

A Season for Miracles (1999): This classic Christmas movie is about a struggling homeless family. With an incarcerated mother, a protective aunt goes out all her way to keep her niece and nephew out of foster care with the help of an angel. This movie portrayed the importance of having faith when things seem to be out of control and the joy of helping others.

Santa Switch (2013): The main character Dan Ryebeck, is facing unemployment and struggling to buy gifts for his two kids. Dan had an unstable career all year and hasn’t had time for family, but his luck was about to turn after he audition for a small job at the mall.

The Christmas holidays can be an expensive time of the year. Luckily there are a number of activities that you and your family can do for free.

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