Families need help in all countries

Families in the United States are not alone when it comes to experiencing financial hardship. Families in the UK need assistance as well, whether financial, motivation, debt counseling, or general support. People all over the world need assistance, whether it is short term financial help for an emergency or long term support, such as for a disability or medical conditions. We at needhelppayingbills realize this and even have a sister site for the United Kingdom.

The poverty rate in the US hovers around 12.5% according the Census Bureau. This is lower than in England, Scotland, or Ireland. There are also millions more families that live paycheck to paycheck, and when a crisis arises they often do not have the means to pay any extra expenses for that month. the needhelppayingbills.com site provides them countless resources, advice, and other support services.

The UK poverty rate is around 16.5% according to the Office of National Statistics. It could go higher if Brexit is “off the cliff” and not negotiated. In addition, just like in the US, hundreds of thousands of other families in the United Kingdom also live paycheck to paycheck and depend on food banks or welfare. They struggle to buy food each month, pay for the expensive housing (especially in London), and cover other bills. Many need assistance from charities or the local government, or council offices. The demand for assistance in the UK is also enormous.

The UK also has some additional challenges around Brexit, welfare benefits constantly being cut, as well as inflation rates on food and similar goods running higher than wage gains. Those issues impact millions of residents, and those are additional barriers that cause financial troubles. That is one reason we created the billhelp.uk website…to provide information on various services for struggling UK families. We also have an “office” in London, and it is a great country to visit as well…and visit multiple times!

All of the information on that site is free as well, and we hope it helps people find what they need. As hundreds of thousands of unique visitors have also used the site since it launched, and considering the population of the UK is only 20% of the US population, the numbers are very high.

The world economy is obviously so much stronger than it was 10 or even 5 years ago, but families still struggle all over the world. And it is not just in the United States or the United Kingdom. The unemployment rate in the European Union is about 8.5% per Eurostat, and that level is about twice as high as the US. There are some countries such as Greece and Spain in which unemployment rates are in the double digits. This means that millions of people on continental Europe will also be struggling to keep up with their bills and provide for their families.

While it may make a difference to the millions of Americans who are struggling, in poverty, or living on a low income, but just know that we here in the US are not alone. Hardships are still being faced in all countries. And this does not even speak to emerging and third world counties, where people can live on dollars a day (if they are lucky), are not guaranteed the basic necessities including clean water, shelter, and others, and they have nowhere near what we have in the US. Wouldn’t it be nice if someday there were world peace and poverty was no more.

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