Fall is the time for diaper drives

Diaper drives are local events that are held throughout the nation. They can be held by any number of organizations, ranging from charities such as the Salvation Army to schools, Junior Leagues, TV stations, corporations, and any number of groups. The goal is to collect either money or surplus diapers from the community and then pass them on to struggling, lower income parents.

Now these collection efforts tend to run throughout the year. However, since about 1/3 of total charitable giving occurs in the last 2 months of the year, this is when the collection efforts tend to be most effective. So, the diaper drives also tend to ramp up in November and December of each year. For anyone seeking help from one of these programs, they can find diapers for low income families, and these are given for free to qualified parents.

Who may hold these diaper drives?

A number of churches hold them. For example, there is St. Mark’s in Kennebec Maine as well as Baptist Church in Huntsville Alabama. Many others also hold them as well throughout the nation. This faith based groups often reach out to members of the parish to collect items. They also rely on volunteers from throughout the parish to publicize the event; man, the collection points; and sort and box up the donated diapers.

Some people think that food banks only pass out groceries. But the fact is that they do so much more. Many of them hold diaper drives, pass out hygiene supplies, free baby wipes, and other items to new parents. They will of course be in addition to a box of groceries or maybe some free infant formula.
One location is the western Ohio Food bank, which is a feeding America affiliate. This location supports low income parents all throughout the region, and covers many counties. The Iowa Diaper as well as Food Bank in Cedar Rapids is another location that works to help less fortunate parents.

Non-profit organizations, not just food pantries or churches, also collect cloth diapers from their communities. That term is very all encompassing though. Some examples of where these events tend to be held include the junior League of New Orleans Louisiana as well as the Los Angeles Urban League among other groups. But really non-profits of any make up, origin, or agency can hold these events. Some will collect diapers once time only and may never do it again, others hold annual diaper drives during the holidays and pass out the goods around Christmas.

Many corporations also hold disposable and/or cloth diaper drives. It is a diverse type of groups. There can be retail stores, including Wal-Mart, or major corporations such as tech companies (google) or industrial conglomerates (General Electric). Employees often contribute money, or they reach out across the community.

Public broadcasters, including NBC26 in Ashwaubenon Wisconsin and 23ABC in Bakersfield California, are two examples. An advantage of these groups is they advertise in the community to bring more public awareness on the diaper collection drives. They also increase coverage during the holiday shopping season, which can help in the collection of more diapers.

Holiday diaper drives are also held by government agencies. The Tehama County Child Abuse Prevention Council as well as the Department of Education are just two examples that ask for assistance from the community during the holidays. They often collect the goods for current welfare recipients and not necessarily the community at large. Or check in with a Department of Social Office for information on these too.

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