Curb Appeal on a budget

Maintaining a clean and inviting exterior to your home not only makes your experience living there enjoyable but it also prepares your home in advance for selling. Many of the things to do also add to energy conservation of the home, which is important for families of all income levels. Here are some ideas for maintaining the outside of your home:

*Add color to the trim and siding to enhance curb appeal. There are now higher quality siding products available that are budget friendly so there should be no issues with using a darker color for the exterior of the home.

*Caulk around windows, add weather stripping to doors and plug air leaks to save money and energy. These small updates are very important for low income families to save money, and it also increases appeal over the long term. Do these things while you are cleaning up the exterior of your home to save time.

*Consider replacing vinyl siding with a seamless, galvanized steel siding which is more durable and long lasting. Seamless steel siding perfectly fits into angles which reduces gaps or bulges that occur with vinyl. There are many benefits to do this.

Not only is steel siding aesthetically pleasing and durable, it’s also made from recyclable materials. If you do use vinyl siding, consider using a thicker one that is sturdy, resistant to high impacts and available in extra -long lengths to avoid gaps. Make sure the vinyl siding is placed correctly so that it can help you conserve energy and thus save money on utility bills. You also want to do this so that it can withstand the elements and stands straight and flush to the home.

*A well-maintained roof definitely increases curb appeal. This is also very important for energy conservation purposes. New roofing ranks very high for prospective home buyers according to the National Association of Realtors.

Roofing that withstands the elements and looks well maintained makes potential buyers more confident in investing their money. While asphalt shingles are still one of the most viable roofing options available, consider metal roofing if it falls within a budget. While metal roofing costs roughly twice as much as asphalt, it never needs to be replaced. For those that can’t offer to do this on their own, look into government weatherization programs. Read more.

*Maintain and upgrade the front door as the entry way is one of the most important parts of curb appeal. The entry way is the first thing people see, therefore, consider the design, hardware and color of the doors. There are few options when on a budget to consider.

Wood doors are aesthetically appealing, however, they are costly. Steel or fiberglass doors are more common and cost effective, so they are ideal for families on a budget. Steel doors are less expensive and easier to paint due to their smooth surfaces. Fiberglass doors can resemble mahogany, cherry, or oak due to their wood-grain textures and can be easily stained or painted. Each of those options has pros and cons as well as different costs associated with them.

Steel and fiberglass doors are typically easier to maintain, however, investing in higher quality doors adds to functionality, look nicer, are tight-fitting, energy efficient and much more durable. Spending a few extra dollars for this may save money over time, or increase your home’s curb appeal.

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