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Beach – Find place of free relaxation or happiness

I have always been, and am an increasing believer, in finding some place that brings you some form of peace. It is free to do and anyone can do this, no matter their income, age, or ability. Peace and calmness has a tremendous amount of health and mental benefits.

My life tends to be very calm, peaceful, and drama free, and I strive for that. However when I want to really clear the head, I enjoy going to the beach…sitting under a peer or going for a walk on the sand with the surf crashing in. Other than the annual parking pass, and 5 minute drive down the road, this is free to do. But my peace and happiness comes from other places in addition to the so called beach…just going for a walk outside, on the couch with a book, listening to music, or travelling and exploring a new area or city. A couple of those activities are also free.

I know other people who also find their place of peace, their beach, in other areas. I know people who like “escaping” to a movie, who go to a yoga studio, or really do anything. Those two activities may have a cost associated with them, but some of the free activities I know that people enjoy are hiking, swimming, exercising, going for a slow walk, listening to music, or even just mediating.

While may life is generally calm, I do have many other challenges that I am dealing with. And my “beach” also helps there too. If I get sad, which is becoming more common and frequent or if I am fighting emotions (or lack of emotions in some cases), my beach also helps my in those situations. It can help me get perspective as well.

For me, a beach is helpful…listening to the surf, hearing sea gulls, and the scent of salt water. But as noted, everyone should find some place they can escape too. Some people use their place of peace to escape the stress of family, friends, or financial stress, or some other reason. No matter the reason why, finding your “beach” or place of peace is so important. And many of those activities are also free to do. We also recommend some of our related articles on meditating, benefits of exercise, and living a simple life.


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