Monthly Archives: October 2018

26 to 30 percent of email addresses are unprofessional (updated)

We are updating this with new sample data. As readers know, around August 2016 we analyzed 100 emails that were sent to us and we determined that as many as 26% of them have an email address that is either unprofessional or it could be close to it. We were curious and ran this test again over the last couple of weeks, and now the percent of unprofessional emails is about 30%! The statistic is alarming in that not only may a potential employer just skip over an applicant with …

Positive people are important for career, personal and financial success

I am a big believer in having positive people around you and that this is important to helping you be successful in life, no matter what you are trying to do. Positive people can help you be successful professionally, in a hobby, exercising, academically, in personal relationships, and really anything in life and the energy is a benefit as you work towards any goal you may have.

Job market overheating? Multiple reports show job market on fire

As we have been reporting for the last 2 years or so, the demand for workers has never been stronger. Companies are hiring left and right and they are basically hiring any person with a pulse who can get out of bed and show up! Almost every single statistic and data point confirms this, including the latest September 2018 unemployment report which shows the unemployment rate is at a 39 year low!