Monthly Archives: September 2018

Exercise and cancer risk

A recent study showed that higher levels of leisure time physical activity were associated with lower risks for 13 (!) types of cancers. This data was according to a study published by JAMA Internal Medicine. This means that having a little activity, taking care of your health and doing things such as meditating in your life can help reduce the risk, and associated costs, involved with a cancer diagnosis.

Poor, Hungry, and Driven

Many companies, executives, and books discuss that when it comes to hiring or promoting workers, in general they have success in hiring someone who is “poor” (see how we define it below), hungry and driven, also known as PHD. In general, the drive from these individuals will motivate them to prove themselves each and every day. However it is hard to identify those with that drive/fire, as too many do not have it or they put out false impressions…the lack of drive is but one of the causes of the …