Monthly Archives: April 2018

Mid single digit domestic abuse requests

We ran an experiment over the last several weeks in an effort to track how many email requests come from women, teenagers, children, or others that are fleeing domestic abuse or violence and that are survivors of this extremely serious issue. While it is hard to say for sure as some requests are unclear or maybe imply abuse, our best estimate is that about 4-6% of requests are from people facing violence/abuse.

Who uses the needhelppayingbills site – demographics?

As I am sure everyone knows there  has been ton of coverage around internet privacy, protection of consumer rights, etc. We do have some very basic demographic information on who uses this site, and I wanted to share it. This is the extent of what we have…no more or no less. We do not have data like the controversial companies such as Facebook, google, or twitter. What is below is the extent of it.