April 1, 2018 Easter volunteers

Easter is not one of the biggest holidays of the year. But even so, there is always a demand for volunteers to feed the hungry, donations of food for families or candy for kids, as well as small toys or Easter baskets. Considering Easter is only 2 days away, now is the time to help out if you can. It is not too late to stop by a local charity, food bank, or soup kitchen today (Friday) or Saturday.

Most of the need is at local Catholic Churches, and the doors are usually open on Saturday March 31. But there may also be meals served by other charities, including the Salvation Army as well as Catholic Charities and many others. Really any place that has a soup kitchen will more than likely serve some type of Easter meal in 2018 or pass out small toys to kids from needy families.

Volunteers can help complete the tasks that are necessary to feed people. They can cook the 2018 Easter meal or serve it. People will often need to deliver food or hot meals to the homebound in the community, or drivers may pick up homeless people from shelters and drop them at a soup kitchen. So volunteer drivers are needed. Or you can help set up a dining hall, place chairs, clean up, or almost anything. The point is volunteers are needed for the upcoming 2018 Easter holiday. If you stop by a local church today or Saturday the 31st we are sure they can “put you to work”!

There is almost always a demand at food pantries too for supplies. They will need meat, gravy, sides that could go with a meal (corn, beans, etc.), non-perishable supplies, napkins, plastic utensils, and anything else that a family may need for a meal to prepare themselves.

Note Easter is also fairly popular with kids as well. Many look forward to getting a basket full of candy, small games, sweets, and even some healthy food! As the kid should be given apples, fruits, or something else besides just candy! So anyone can donate any of those supplies too.

Or anyone can work at a food pantry as well. They can help stock the cupboards in preparation for the upcoming Easter, or help people pack groceries or shop. So different activities are needed. They always need assistance.

Where to volunteer for 2018 Easter

We have dozens of organizations listed. Locate a list of charities, almost all of which need help. It is not too late to sign up today or tomorrow for the April 1 2018 Easter celbration. Even if you can’t volunteer or donate over the next few weeks, there is never a “bad time” to give back. So you can contribute at some later day or month. Just search the site, call a local church, or make effort if you really want to contribute.

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