Monthly Archives: March 2017

Local grocery stores continue to cut prices of food

Thousands of local grocery stores, including Krogers, Safeway, Wegmans and Publix are actively reducing their prices and/or are holding more weekly sales. There are two main reasons they are doing this, but the biggest one is due to increasing competition from non-traditional retailers including Amazon and Wal-Mart. Another reason that prices are going down is due to deflation in many different food categories. No matter the reason, increased competition and lower prices is good news for consumers.

Trump budget hurts the working poor

The budget proposed by Donald Trump would have a major impact on the assistance programs that the working poor and many other hard-working Americans depend on, many of who voted for Trump. While it it very early in the process, and many things may change over the next several months, the bottom line is that many programs that are being used by Americans who are living paycheck to paycheck could be slashed.