Monthly Archives: June 2016

IRS scams are continuing as of mid 2016

Hopefully most people, if not everyone, is aware of the ongoing scams regarding the IRS. There are hundreds of thousands of innocent households being contacted by phone, letter, or even email from companies or con artists that are impersonating the IRS. The communication that is coming from these companies is stating that the person owes back taxes to the IRS. Or they may be stating that the taxpayer is due a refund or there is some other story being given.

Over 300,000 Florida residents lost food stamps since January 2016

As a result of the changes to work requirement rules, tens of thousands of families in Florida have had their food stamp benefits canceled since the start of 2016. This program is the state’s (as well as nation’s) primary service for ensuring that low income families have some form of food each month, and these cutbacks may lead to more of the state’s most vulnerable going hungry. These cutbacks to the SNAP program are not only occurring in Florida, but they are also taking place nationwide. As a result of …

Over 5 million people on section 8 housing vouchers in 2016

A statistic that is a good indicator of the challenges in the economy, that both shows how slowly it is growing as well as the high cost of housing in our country, is the number of people using Housing Choice Vouchers. As of the start of 2016, over 2.2 million households are enrolled. These households are made up of over 5 million unique unique individuals, or “soles”. All of these people are receiving assistance with their rental costs from the federal government.