2016 Salvation Army Red Kettle campaign


The Red Kettle campaign held by the Salvation Army is one of the primary ways the organization collects money from the community. It will be very common to see people ringing the bell around October to December of 2016, but some centers will start this event even earlier, such as in July or August. There is also a way to contribute using their online tool. Every single dollar that you donate will go to make a difference in the lives of someone that is less fortunate.

You may often associate the Red Kettle with the holidays. While this is when you may be most likely to see someone collecting money outside of a store or public area, the truth is the donations collected can help pay for the operations of the Salvation Army throughout all of 2016 and beyond. All of the proceeds to the event are used to feed the poor, provide them financial help, and counseling among other services.

Volunteers are needed to ring the bell, which brings attention to the Red Kettle campaign. Each local center needs some people to help collect the donations. It is expected that tens of thousands of individuals will volunteer at the Salvation Army sometime in 2016, but there is always a higher need for people to assist the organization during the fall and winter months.

Even if you can only volunteer a few hours per month that time can make a big difference at the organization. Also, even if you do not want to ring the bell for the 2016 Red Kettle campaign, volunteers can undertake many other tasks instead at any point during the year. Whether it is working at the thrift store, delivering a meal to the home-bound, or sorting presents, there are dozens of activities that can be done by a Salvation Army volunteer.

While most Salvation Army centers will start ringing the bells at the Red Kettle in November, some locations start earlier, such as in July. So you can volunteer anytime throughout the year. It is not mandatory to help the organization our during the Christmas holidays. There are hundreds of Family Service Centers to choose from when donating or volunteering. Find details, such as addresses and phone numbers, of the Salvation Army.

Many people do not know that the money donated to the Red Kettle not only pays for Christmas meals and programs for children, but that the donations fund the Salvation Army for both 2016 and upcoming years. The donations are used to pay for the charities social service programs, whether they are for financial needs or other, non-monetary aid. This is why there is always a need for additional support from the community, and why your donation (of any dollar amount) will make a big difference to a struggling family.

The Red Kettle program will be used by many different nations over the course of 2016. You may see a volunteer ringing the bell in the UK, Japan, or dozens of other countries. However when you drop some money into the kettle, that donation will be kept local. The money will be used in your own community to help families in a crisis. Maybe those few dollars you contribute will provide a child a few meals, or warm clothing to a senior that is ill. The money is used wisely.

The Salvation Army also have an online red kettle.  This allows you to sign up to raise money for the charity, and you can invite friends, family, and others in an effort to raise even more. This will be available during 2016 as well, and anyone can sign up to contribute or bring additional publicity to this effort.

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