Sunday Newspaper coupon inserts

Depending on what city or town you live in, it may be possible to save tens of dollars per week just by actively using the coupons in the Sunday newspaper. That money adds up quickly, and for those families that consistently use the inserts, you may be able to save hundreds of dollars per year.

Many newspapers will print right on the first page the total, maximum savings possible in that addition. This makes it very easy to find out the total amount of deals in the paper. However that total is only achieved if you use every single coupon, which as everyone knows is almost completely impossible!

What may be more likely is that you can use a small subset of the coupons for your specific needs. Maybe you only want to buy a certain type of laundry detergent for your family or some cereal. Or maybe your kid has a certain taste in snacks so you want to focus on buying those groceries. If you are like most people, you do not then need 10 different coupons for all these different detergents.

However what may be more beneficial is to have more of those Sunday newspaper coupons that you actually use. But you are limited as you do not want to spend a few dollars or more to buy another paper. So what do you do? There are different actions that may still be available.

Where to find extra Sunday paper inserts

Many people go to a local coffee shop for an extra insert. This is a great place to find information on specials for your area. Usually the Sunday paper is being read by people in the shop, but they do not look at or need the coupons. So these can be taken for the items you need.

Churches will often be another source. There may be a breakfast served at the church and people that stop by bring a newspaper with them. Or the parish may have some lying around. Those coupons often go unclaimed, so grab what you need.

Local charities may have a weekly subscription too. There are sites such as Goodwill thrift stores or the Salvation Army that may be open on Monday, so they have a day old paper. Often those inserts will still be in there.

Ask your neighbor. Maybe you live next to a family with no kids (or they have left home) and they do not need the same coupons you do. So they may very well be willing to give them our rather than throw them away.

Another source for specials is to look into your apartment building or living community. Search the lobby or the management office. There are often papers lying around in those locations. Those inserts are almost always there as well.

If you have a traditional paperboy/girl, ask if they are given extra Sunday inserts. Sometimes they need to “stuff” the papers on their own. When they do this, there may be a mismatch in what they have available or maybe they have extra items to pass out.

Also, stop by your local grocery store or retailer later in the day on Sunday. Ask an employee there or the manager if you can buy additional newspapers at the end of the day. Many stores return unsold papers to the publisher. But the flyer does not need to go back to them. These extra inserts may be given out to you for free.

If you live near or even in an office environment or mixed use community, walk around the exterior of those buildings. Sometimes the paperboy/girl or driver leaves the newspaper outside the main door to the office. Or they may be in the parking lot. Since the office is often closed on Sunday’s, the coupons just may be sitting there going unused.

Using these weekly specials can literally save you hundreds of dollars per year on your grocery bill. It may take a few hours of your time each month to review the coupons and to cut or organize them, but the savings add up quickly. There are also other ways to save money, and read more on how to save on groceries.

Even consider this. Lets say you spend 3 hours per week, or 150 hours per month organizing and cutting Sunday coupons. Then, after redeeming them, lets say your total annual savings are $1200. This means you technically made $8 per hour, which is under the table/pre-tax. This may be equivalent to $12 per hour at a real job. But you are also able to do this on your own time, at your convenience and comfort from your home. So it is easy money to use these Sunday inserts.

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