Low cost Sun Protection

As summer is pretty much upon us, the importance of sunscreen and sun protection needs to be reviewed. Multiple studies show that as many as one in five Americans will develop skin cancer over the course of a lifetime. When a family is struggling to keep up with the cost of living and daily bills, it can be difficult to protect themselves. But sunscreen programs and discounted items is available for lower income families as well.

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Will food stamps stop paying for junk food?

With the SNAP food stamp program now providing assistance to over 40 million people at a cost of $71 billion dollars per year, there are several states that are seeking to change some of the terms and conditions of this benefit. One proposal will be to prevent food stamps recipients from being able to pay for junk food type items, including soda, snacks, ice cream, cookies, and other unhealthy products.

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States are looking to expand Medicaid

When Obamacare was rolled out a few years ago, it provided states the ability to enroll more of their residents into Medicaid. This was an optional component of the program which some states took advantage of and others did not. Now with the recent failure to overturn Obamacare, more local government are looking at providing increased access to Medicaid while they have a chance to do so.

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Two million truck drivers at risk of job loss to automation

Technology continues to evolve and automation is disrupting even more industries. One of the largest ones that could be impacted over the next decade or so will be truck drivers, in particular long haul deliveries. It is estimated that as many as two million jobs could be at risk. Continue reading “Two million truck drivers at risk of job loss to automation”