People on welfare doing better than me

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People on welfare doing better than me

Postby Fritz » Wed Dec 12, 2018 10:00 pm

I am the only working person in my home with the only income. To make it easier on myself for the last three years I allow the gas to get cut off when it gets warm and when it gets cold again I go to the gas company with a nice amount of money to have it turned back on. Well to my surprise this year when I went to the gas company I took $2500.00 with me to have the gas tuned back on only to be told that I need to pay the complete balance which was $4,862. And some change. I since applied for LIHEAP which in return gave me only $275.00.
I also applied for Crisis which tuned me down because they say what they would pay would not turn my gas on. I did not pay the $2,500.00. I live from paycheck to paycheck. My bank account stays in the negative more than the positive. I still have to pay an electric bill plus my rent, by food, clothing, personal items as well as other things that are needed in the house. My gross pay a month is about $3,900.00 but my Net Pay is only about $2,000.00. Yes this is my fault. But I work I try.
My neighbors on welfare do better than I do. I can’t afford to buy my grandchildren that I take care of anything for Christmas and at this point I only want heat to be warm. I live in a stone house that has very little insulation owned by the city which if they knew my gas was off I would be evicted. I have had to since take what I had and had to buy the kid’s coats and other winter clothing along with blankets, and electric heaters to try to keep warm. My house is sometimes colder than the outside. All I want is a little help I don’t ask for much. Why do people on welfare get so much? But I feel id do better if I was to get on welfare and stop working then I could possibly get more help. I don’t know what to do. Christmas is not a priority to us at this time. I just need help
Can anyone help me? I applied to another group only to be told I make too much. Signed struggling to survive.

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