I am saying my money was stolen

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I am saying my money was stolen

Postby D14 » Sat Sep 29, 2018 7:55 pm

My water was shut off due to nonpayment because a day of fun with my kids turned into a nightmare when my diaper bag was stolen with my wallet inside and $1260 so my water got shut off and I have been struggling to feed my family and find places to fill water jugs just to clean up and flush the toilet. I have called every person I know and no-one is able to help me. Our water has been off since the 13th.
I am so desperate for help I’ll do volunteer work or something to receive help..... I am a desperate single mother of four and can’t work because of my health problems. I have passed over 454 kidney stones in the past 10 years among other things to if anyone can help me I will forever be grateful and will appreciate it so very much and as well as my children will be so thankful and Appreciate it so very much. Thank you and god bless.

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