Mental and emotional depression and stress disorder ECT

State and local government assistance programs.
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Mental and emotional depression and stress disorder ECT

Post by 15Varet » Sat Jun 02, 2018 2:58 pm

Am in dire NEED of emergency financial services here in Ada County (Boise Idaho 83703). I am a disabled person and have had the heart of gold for many who have simply taken complete advantage of me.
My situation the weather has really put a damper in my conscious. I again am a 48 year old divorced female living on 850 a month with a child incarcerated that I also support. I have been trying to help others from being in a cardboard box in the streets freezing to death hoping it would financially help me been in reality they've taken complete advantage if me while robbing me blind.
And one person at a point repeatedly verbally abused me and threatened physical abuse every single day causing mental and emotional depression and stress disorder ECT.
My health is NOT the best. I have not been to the doctor fear I'll not have anything left when I return. I have since been able to get these people out if my house. Finally the abusive one unfortunately had a stroke and is in the hospital (this person was here 15 months). Even with notices from the landlord and I've wouldn't leave. I got him into the garage however with the cold weather. He had been running heaters nonstop all day all night for months.
I begged him for help it was always I'll get you some tomorrow or next. Anything just to buy himself more time and to make me feel like I wouldn't survive without him. He's done extreme physical damage to the interior and exterior of my duplex that I'm sure I'll have to pay for those repairs. (Some of which is in process of getting fixed).
I am in need of getting June 2018 and July 2017 rent paid. My electric bill which is EXTREMELY high I have tried my best to keep money for this bill however I've had these people stealing my debit card and cash up to $800 + stolen out of my wallets. I be had to put a lick on my bedroom door just so I could shower and they still broke into it while showering.
My electric bill continued to skyrocket thru the roof. I even went as far as shutting breakers off so the washer and dryer wasn't being ran 24/7. Always shutting lights off etc.
The one make male whom was verbally abusive and threatened physical harm had me so scared of him I just keep my mouth shut in fear of him performing those threats. Till his stroke I lived in hell. I have witnesses to his actions as my landlord and his Wife are victims themselves if this man's behavior and the Boise Police station have refused to help. Said the landlord needed to take legal action.
Which they can NOT afford ATM because of other properties being in emergency repairs and personal medical bills leave them with no extra money for legal processing. However everyone has since been not allowed back her because I refuse to open the door and allow anyone to take or manipulate me anymore. I refuse to put myself on their position. However not before they put me in A VERY BAD financial POSITION AND STEALING My debit card cash and personal property from me and my Daughter. And all my food storage I had. Almost a year of food storage I had saved up is gone.
I get only 170 in food stamps a month. And have to shop at one of the most expensive stores because I have no vehicle. (They ruined that too.) SNAP food stamps did not last I put my name on everything and begged people NOT to eat my food. They did when I was sleeping or GONE. So I sit here with very few cents left on food stamps and very little to no food in the house to be making a healthy meal to eat even once day. He could really use some financial services and counseling. My Electric is going to be shut off/ turned off as a as it is warm enough for them to legally shut it off SNY EMERGENCY SERVICES or referrals WILL BE APPRECIATED ASAP. Thank you again. Ada County / Boise Idaho

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Re: Mental and emotional depression and stress disorder ECT

Post by Freese1 » Fri Apr 02, 2021 7:50 pm

Yes, my name is Tracey and I'm homeless and I leave in Dekalb County Fort Payne AL and have a stress disorder known as ECT. I'm in a short notice need a place to stay. I'm on SSI disability to due the ECT depression and I get a check once a month. I don't have a way around. To get to all resources that could help me out. I need help from Wednesday till Monday on the third. I got to leave Mountain View Hotel today. SOS resources help me with two days and they told me to contact Christian Care Center in Fort Payne Ala for more assistance. Thanks for your help and your time. May God Bless you for everything that you can help me from been out in the cold and having even more of a mental breakdown.

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