Resources for Alzheimer's patient

Help with paying medical bills
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Resources for Alzheimer's patient

Postby SgtMertoo » Sat Jun 01, 2013 12:18 am

Hi, I am placing my 83 year old mother who has Alzheimer's in an apartment of her own because she does not qualify for a nursing home and she has become difficult to handle. She has no furniture and is moving in on the 11th of this month. I am looking for information or help of any kind for, food etc. Thanks, not sure who to reach out to and I found you on the internet.

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Re: Resources for Alzheimer's patient

Postby Pertyio » Mon Jun 04, 2018 11:24 am

My mother has Alzheimer’s. I am her only caregiver I being her daughter. She was tricked into a refinance back in 2008 at 79 years old a 30 year mortgage. The documents were falsified by the loan originator and I did not become aware of this till 2013 I being her daughter. Then only to find out another loan was discovered in July 2014 which the bank had not us.
It’s a complex case. Our lawyer which I had to borrow money to get for him withdrew after a year and four months and he was not the lawyer on it was one other in the firm of one other. I went there for a discussion and meet the firm’s owner. Only to be verbally abused and threatened by him.
Our bills were up to date but I questioned the settlement the bank offered and went to discuss it. Well never got that far the lawyer suddenly decided he wanted an underwriter for a 1,000 and another 1500 and he wanted it in a day? Or he was withdrawing. Which he did in a day. I said can't we work out something he said no.
He was a very mean man and actually not qualified to be a lawyer in my opinion...He now has thrown my elderly mom with no help. I cannot defend her in court...The state of CT is of No help. The poor get it all. If low middle you get nothing.
I am trying to hang on to this house. I be the only caregiver for mom who does not live here which the bank falsified. I go back and forth while finding lawyers and dealing with dishonest ones at that. It’s a very complex case but we need help.
Can you help or suggest anything.
The bank was willing to settle or even asked what your client wants to avoid litigation... I feel there is a strong case here against the bank but need a good honest lawyer.
In Connecticut.

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