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COVID made me behind on college debts

Posted: Sun Dec 27, 2020 6:14 pm
by MrsJasnen
Dear sir or madam, I hope you and your family are fine.
My name is Amir and I'm an international student in California state east bay.
Due to the spread of the virus in most parts of the world, especially in Iran, tragically, my dad contracted the virus, but now he is better with medical care but unfortunately, he lost his job and my parents can't send me money to pay my college costs or debts. I have had many contacts with the university, but they do not help international students.
Frankly, I feel alone and I'm in a stressful situation now. Since I don't have anyone in America, I'm worried about my tuition, my college debts and living costs for summer.
I respectfully ask you to help me if it's possible. I believe that one day I will donate for a student who he/she needs because I understand these difficult conditions.
Thank you in advance.