Trying to make it through the month

Find how to get help with rent
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Trying to make it through the month

Post by OoaudreyoO » Fri Dec 20, 2019 11:09 pm

Our landlady told me that she would need to file for our eviction this month. I've been expecting it to be served so we can apply for rent assistance. I noticed today that on the Public Records website it's been filed but in the wrong names and address.
So, my reason for posting is twofold...

1. We need $900 before Xmas day or $985 before 12/31 to make this go away.
2. Legally, how does this all affect the situation? We obviously haven't been "served" and IDK when we will, if at all. Can I still apply? Or are the guidelines so stringent that there's no way any place could accept the pieces as we have them?

Now... I love my landlady and she's been insanely helpful to me throughout the 11 years over been here. I honestly think she believes its more helpful for us to not be served.

What can I do next?
- Lost my Job 09/09/2019
-denied Unemployment despite SCDew agreeing with my side
-Appealed the 17 week penalty
-Appealed the decision
-Considering appeal to State
-For all intents and purposes, Disabled
-Unable to work for 1+ years
-Applied for SSDI in June
-Denied Early December
-Common to be denied first time and will appeal
-In Process of hiring legal help
How we've been surviving...
-Reach is very minimal
-Our connections are, mostly, not in any place to help
-Some friends aren't even seeing our posts
-Selling husband's vintage band shirts
-Very helpful at first but stock is finite and sales have all but stopped during the holiday season
-Selling some things via my account but I have had less success
-My Dad is a vagabond whose closest thing to a home is legally my house
-My Mom is struggling with pancreatic cancer and was recently fired while out on medical leave. Though she does not get enough money for her own survival, she was helping. Now that's not even an option.
-Parents-in-law are still recovering financially from a very unexpected hiccup in employment

What I've done to get back to work
-Considered significant career change
-I have been enrolled in school but was not able to ever sort out financial aid and actual attendance due to my previous job. I now need to appeal and get help in fixing what has become a huge mess

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