Reduce The Money You Are Paying For Grocery Bills

Shop smart to save on food and grocery bills - Average savings: $200 per month

If you make smarter, and different choices in the supermarket, and when eating out, you can obtain monthly savings ranging from $130 to $275 per month. Studies show that the average family of four can lower its monthly grocery bill by $190 a month, just by shifting to a lower-cost mix of foods. This is according to data from the Department of Agriculture. The Department of Agriculture monitors the prices of four nutritionally balanced grocery baskets at different cost levels: moderate-cost, liberal, low-cost, and thrifty. The liberal basket does contain more food per month than the moderate-cost one basket, and it has greater proportion of pricier food like fish and beef, and more wasted leftovers.

In 2006 American households spent about 45 percent of their food budget eating out. By cutting restaurant spending in half, you can help save another $35 to $65 per month.

How save money on food and groceries

Plan your menus around grocery sales on fish, fresh poultry, meat, produce, and dairy, and always make use of leftovers to help save on your bills. Eat more low-priced, high-nutrition foods such as potatoes and beans, states Andrea Carlson, a USDA specialist. Avoid expensive prepared meals. Always shop in lower-cost stores such as PriceRite, Aldi Foods, Costco, Trader Joe's, Wal-Mart, and Sam's Club, and always be sure to compare prices to save.

Many discount warehouse or bulk stores, like Sams Club and BJs, have been shown to save families of more than 4 or so people hundreds of dollars on their groceries and food every year. You have to shop a little smarter and have some storage at your home or apartment, but bulk buying allows substantial saving.

In addition to shopping smarter, find how national non-profit charity organizations such as Angel Food can help you save 15-30% on your grocery bills. They offer food boxes that come prepared with vegetables, meats, canned foods, and more, and that can save people a substantial amount of money. Get more information on the Angel Food low cost groceries program.

Find more money saving tips that can easily be implemented in most people’s lifestyle.




By Jon McNamara

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