United Methodist Church assistance programs.

Providing both short term, emergency aid, and other support, United Methodist Church and its Crisis Room is committed to help people overcome a crisis or some type of financial hardship. The charity uses donations and volunteers in an effort to help seniors, children, low income families and the disabled in Middlesex County. Note, referrals are needed from social services to access this agency, so contact a local government office first.

Social workers from the charity will also try to help clients change the circumstances that have caused them to struggle. This may include referrals to job placement or free advice as part of financial literacy workshops. Resources can help people gain employment or new skills, move into affordable homes or apartments in Middlesex County, or maybe increase their income.

Programs are limited, but when possible, United Methodist Church will try to assist with providing grants or some form of low interest loan for rent expenses, security deposits, transportation, utility bill assistance, clothing for work, emergency food support, furniture, and more. A large number of services and support is available for individuals of all backgrounds, ages, and races.

Basic needs such as food and clothing may be offered in Middlesex County by the Crisis Room. A pantry and soup kitchen operated by the church provides free hot meals and boxes of groceries to the needy in the region. This depends heavily on donation levels, but the charity will do its best to meet needs of the low income. Donations may also come from local food wholesalers or restaurants.

There are also seasonal programs from United Methodist Church and its partners, and this can include everything from free Thanksgiving and Christmas meals to Easter gift baskets. A focus is on both children as well as the homebound without any other family. There may also be school suppliers, summer snacks for children, and much more for holiday occasions.

There is also help for seniors and the elderly in Middlesex County. Staff from the Crisis Room at United Methodist Church  help the older generation by providing social services and support such as free food as well as help coordinate the delivery of nutritional meals 5 days a week. Any type of assistance is meant to supplement their pantry at home.




Homeless assistance can be provided by United Methodist Church, and this ranges from shelter to transitional housing. The goal of the charity as well as partners, even including county resources and the government, is to both stop and reverse homelessness in the region.

In an effort to make this happen, the organization will run a full range of services and provide the needy with free advice. Some examples may include very limited funds for overdue rental expenses, applications to section 8 vouchers, and of course transitional housing.

Any type of financial aid for rent or any other bills will come with the requirement for self-sufficiency. Case managers from United Methodist Church will partner with job centers and employers to assist clients with obtaining employment and increasing their job skills. Participants of any case management service will be required to save money for achieving independence in order to pay their rent and bills on time in the future, and to establish permanent housing.

Additional services from the non-profit and its staff include help with processing applications for government aid including SNAP food stamps or low income energy bill assistance. There are other options available in New Jersey, but these are not the goal but rather additional forms of short term support.

Transitional Housing and shelter programs offer guidance and lodging to the homeless or people on the verge of eviction in the county. Guests of these centers will have an assessment done of their needs by staff from the Crisis Room, and then have the opportunity to join workshops such as credit repair or increase their budgeting skills. At the end of the stay, they can get assistance in locating safe, decent, affordable housing in Middlesex County.

While the main center is at 568 Ryders Lane, East Brunswick, New Jersey 08816, referrals are needed from the county in order to access their programs. So contact a local office for help.




By Jon McNamara

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