Best Ways to Save Money - Auto insurance.

Here are several easy ways to save money on your bills, as reported by Consumer Reports. They are one of the most unbiased sources for money saving tips and advice. While of course there are never any guarantee and everyone’s exact situation is different, by taking some very simple steps it is fairly easy to save some money.

Get cheaper auto insurance - Average savings: $65 per month

Annual surveys conducted by Consumer Reports show that many consumers stay with the same auto insurer for 15 years. Depending on where you live and your personal profile, you might be able to save hundreds of dollars a month on your insurance bill just by shopping around. It takes but a few minutes to get a quote for a new policy, and dozens of auto insurers operate across the nation.

As an example, a married couple without accidents or violations and with a driving-age son in Los Angeles, can save up to $380 per month on standard auto coverage by switching to a lower-cost auto insurer. This is from data compiled by the California Department of Insurance. On the other hand, a retired couple with no accidents or violations in Fargo, N.D., can expect to save only about $30 per month on the care insurance bills and premiums that they pay by switching automobile insurers.

Tips how to save money on auto insurance

The process to get a new quote is very straightforward. You can search online for new auto insurance companies. Another very effective option is to use the services of an organization that provides you multiple quotes from more than one company at one time. It takes a matter of minutes to get a quote for a new policy, and you can potentially save hundreds of dollars per year as per Consumer Reports.

When you do shop around for a new quote, it is very important to ensure you receive all of the discounts that you are entitled too. That will make a big difference in the process as you compare prices and plans. Some examples on the most common discounts are below.





Combine your coverage - If you have more than one insurance policy for different needs, such as home/renters insurance and auto, when you are requesting quotes include both of the policies in the process. Companies will often provide a reduced rate if you give them all of your business.

Employer and professional organization discounts - Some companies and organizations will enter into a contract with a car insurance provider on a “bulk” buying basis. So the insurer may offer a lower rate on a policy as they have the opportunity to sign up all of the people from that organization. So check with your employer, any clubs that you are involved in, and other groups to see if members or employees can get an additional discount.

Occupational discounts may be provided. Some insurance companies will offer a low rate to people who work in a “safer” job, such as a teacher or nurse. The reason they do this is that numerous studies show that some people are likely to get into fewer accidents, such as engineers.

Other tips include increasing your deductible (especially for an older car) and be sure you properly document all safety features issues (such as antilock brakes) when applying. However the key is to always shop around for the best price and to go through this process every few years.

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By Jon McNamara

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